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Zacchiroli: working with FSF on Debian Free-ness assessment

I think we should either get Debian in FSF [free-distros list][1], or document (from our POV) why Debian is not there. I’m looking for Debian volunteers interested in the topic and willing to participate in a joint Debian / FSF team that will work toward that goal without prejudices

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  1. Comment by R S Chakravarti — July 8, 2012 @ 4:44 pm

    Maybe non-free and contrib could be moved to a site outside of Debian. But there should be some exceptions such as firmware-linux-nonfree which a lot of people need. I think it is more important to help them use Debian than to satisfy FSF.

  2. Comment by Shankar — July 13, 2012 @ 5:27 am

    I agree. Please don’t cripple Debian for most users by eliminating non-free repositories entirely. The current Debian approach strikes me as the correct one, with the right combination of flexibility and freeness. The FSF approach will make the system unusable for a very large number of people – particularly those who, like me, live in parts of India or other countries where a wide range of hardware is simply not accessible. The FSF’s position does not take into account ground realities and there’s no reason for Debian to stick to its stipulations.

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