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How to install Debian Squeeze on Apple iBook G3 with PPC architecture

This instruction describes how to install Debian Squeeze on an iBook with a G3 PPC CPU. It is the way that worked for me and it might be usefull for others who want to bring back some live to a nice little machine.

MIPS Loongson 3A Benchmarks On Debian

Here are some benchmarks of the MIPS-based ICT Loongson-3A quad-core processor out of China. Unfortunately I have yet to get my hands on any Loongson hardware, but on it was discovered that Linux benchmark results are beginning to appear for the ICT Loongson-3A V0.5 FPU.

I upgraded from Debian Squeeze to Wheezy today

Though my track record with in-place upgrades of Linux/Unix systems is far from positive, I decided to do just that with my long-running (since late 2010) Debian Squeeze laptop today. It went surprisingly well — and by that I mean I’m using a fully upgraded Debian Wheezy laptop to create this post in Nautilus via […]

Debian Wheezy has been frozen

Yesterday evening, automatic migrations of packages from Unstable to Testing were stopped. Only packages waiting to be migrated from Unstable to Testing were given automatic freeze exceptions (like Nginx).

Introducing the Debian Maintainer Dashboard — help needed!

The brand new machine for Ultimate Debian Database motivated me to do UDD-related work again, so I implemented an old idea: build a maintainer/team-centric dashboard relying on UDD, the Debian Maintainer Dashboard.

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