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Debian Project News – October 29th, 2012

Welcome to this year’s twenty-first issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:… * Debian Installer 7.0 Beta3 released * Reports from the latest BSPs * Other news * Upcoming events * New Debian Contributors * Release-Critical bugs statistics for the upcoming release * Important Debian Security Advisories […]

BSP in Mechelen, Belgium, 2012-12-15 & 2012-12-16

Hi folks, Hideki Yamane’s mail reminded me that I’d been wanting to do this myself, too. There will be a BSP in Mechelen, on the weekend of the 15th and the 16th of December, in the offices of my company, NixSys, in Mechelen, Belgium.

delegation for the Policy Editors

Dear project members, 6 years after the last one, it’s time to update the delegation for the Debian Policy Editors, that is the team of delegates responsible for guiding the policy change process on the -policy list.

Bits from Debian Pure Blends

Hi, in this bits: 1. Scientific citations 2. Prospective packages in VCS 3. Proposal to move Blends code from SVN to Git 4. General situation of Blends

Debian Project at FURG academic week 2012, Rio Grande, RS, Brasil

The south Brazilian local Debian user group Debian-RS is promoting talk “Bash hints and tips” at the “II Semana Academica Integrada das Ciencias Computacionais – SAICC” at Centro Integrado de Desenvolvimento Costeiro e Oceanico – CIDEC-Sul, Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.

Iceweasel 10.0.09 ESR update for Debian Wheezy

The Mozilla-coded apps quickly get very old, and it’s harder and harder for Debian developers to patch those older versions with the latest security fixes when the upstream code leaves the distro’s original version further and further behind.

Ubuntu / Debian Linux Server Install Keychain SSH Key Manager For OpenSSH

I do not want to start ssh-agent and ssh-add as described here to manage my ssh keys for password less login. How do I install keychain software to manage my keys running on Debian or Ubuntu based cloud server?

Preseeding Debian virtual machines with virt-install

Interactively installing Debian virtual machines with virt-install without having to download anything in advance can already be done by pointing it to a Debian mirror via –location. But you can also add files to the initrd after downloading using –initrd-inject.

Debian Installer 7.0 Beta3 release

The Debian Installer team[1] is pleased to announce the third beta release of the installer for Debian 7.0 “Wheezy”.

delegation for the NM Front Desk

Dear Developers, there are a couple of changes in the New Members Front Desk team, that I’d like to announce:

delegation for the FTP Masters

Dear project members, as anticipated in the team sprint report [1], the FTP master team is changing:

Debian undecided on method for secure boot

The Debian GNU/Linux project has yet to decide on the method whereby it will ensure that the Linux distribution it produces can boot on computers that are certified for Windows 8. Read more here

Bug Reporting Rate in Debian

Christian’s most recent blog post got me wondering if the decline in the bug reporting rate in Debian was something new, or something which often happened during releases.

Debian Bug-Squashing-Party/LibreOffice Hackfest 23-25th November in Munich, Germany

There will be a Bug-Squashing-Party in Munich over the weekend 24/25th of November. It will start on Friday, November 23rd at 18:00.

Wheezy BSP Marathon: Le Camp, Vaumarcus, Switzerland, Oct 27-28

Hi there! To help squeeze some more bugs for wheezy, is organizing a Bug Squashing Party [1] during the weekend of 27th and 28th October at Le Camp, Vaumarcus, Switzerland, the same location that should host DebConf13 [2][3].

bits from the DPL: September 2012

Heya, here is the periodic report of DPL activities, this time related to September 2012 (posted here with some delay, as I’ve been traveling oversea on behalf of Debian for the past few days).

I am beating the hell of out Debian Wheezy and GNOME 3

Across multiple desktops, applications and windows, I’m pretty much smashing GNOME 3 in Debian Wheezy against the wall to see if it breaks. So far it’s all holding up very, very well.

Lots of updates today in Debian Wheezy, plus when I think it will go Stable and why I stick with Debian as my distro of choice

The Debian Project is pushing Wheezy ever closer to release. The way things are going, counting the number of release-critical bugs and comparing it to roughly the same period before the release of Squeeze (the current Stable release), there are now 243 release-critical bugs remaining to be solved before Wheezy’s release can happen.

Debian relicenses its logo

If you’re working on Debian artworks or the like, feel free to start using the official logo in them. Assuming that it will be DFSG-free RSN is now a safe bet.

Debian / Ubuntu Linux apt-get: Blacklist a Package From Installing

How do I blacklist a package or packages so that when I run apt-get upgrade, it will ignore blacklisted packages and install the rest of updates under Debian or Ubuntu Linux server system?

Debian Project News – October 1st, 2012

Welcome to this year’s nineteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

FTPMaster Meeting September 2012 Report

Hello world, As previously announced[1] we had a FTP Team meeting from the 14th to the 20th of September in Fulda, working on various parts of the archive software.

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