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Debian / Ubuntu Linux: Install Cherokee Web Server

Cherokee is an open-source Cross-platform Web server. How do I install Cherokee web server under Debian or Ubuntu Linux operating system?

Writing a Debian ISO CD to a USB Stick

I’m finding myself burning a lot of Debian CD’s lately and I figured it’s time I left the 90’s and burnt these images to USB instead. Debian CD and DVD images can be written directly a USB stick

Debian on mobile devices

It is possible to put Debian on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S: Find a friendly Android distro that supports your device, install it with fastboot or heimdall and play around.

Debian Project News – December 10th, 2012

Welcome to this year’s twentyfourth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include…:

bits from the DPL: November 2012

Dear Project Members, here is another (delayed) monthly report of DPL activities, this time for November 2012.

Making Mosquitto packages for Debian yourself

As Debian has been in feature freeze since before Mosquitto 1.0 was released, it will be a long time until there is an updated version of Mosquitto in Debian. It is, however, fairly straightforward to do the packaging yourself. Here’s how to do that from the command line.

Steady improvements in Debian Wheezy — and a smooth transition from Squeeze

But Debian gets better as it inches toward release. And if you’re running the Stable distribution (Squeeze instead of Wheezy, still in Testing) you can enjoy the goodness for the next two years — or three if you wish, as Stable gets an extra year of security patches as Old Stable after a new Stable […]

Debian veteran Garbee to keynote at LCA

Veteran Debian developer Bdale Garbee will give the third keynote at the Australian national Linux conference next year.

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