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Call for DebConf volunteers and DebConf14/15 bids

Hi, 1. If you are interested in putting forward a bid for DebConf14, please tell us now by a message to the DebConf team list, — the bid doesn’t need to be 100%
ready yet, but we need to know which of the previously mentioned bids
are still going, or if there are any new ones we haven’t noticed! If
you were part of a bid team that has now stopped work, it would also
be useful to tell us about that.

2. I invite people to start thinking about venues for DebConf15.
You’re welcome to make suggestions to the DebConf team at any time,
though at this stage it’s more useful to persuade some local people
that it would be good to have DebConf there than to persuade us that
the place is nice. Anyone thinking about being part of a future
DebConf bid should certainly follow up my final point to find out
what’s involved:

3. Please consider joining the DebConf team, whether or not you are
associated with a future bid! There are many possible ways to help in
the months before DebConf, including technical contributions,
fundraising, or specific tasks like talk scheduling. Ask how you can
help on the DebConf team list, or drop by the #debconf-team channel on

See you in Switzerland (and maybe see some of you at FOSDEM first),

Moray (wearing my DebConf Chair hat)

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