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Bits from the Debian Systems Administration Team

Debian Colleagues,Quite some time has passed since the last issue of ‘Bits from the Debian Systems Administration Team’. Find below a small report on our activities over the last year or so, and a description of some of our upcoming plans.

Backports integrated into the main archive

Dear users and supporters of the backports service! The Backports Team is pleased to announce the next important step on getting backports more integrated. People who are reading debian-infrastructure-announce[1] will have seen that there was an archive maintenance last weekend: starting with wheezy-backports the packages will be accessible from the regular pool instead of a […]

Debian Project Leader Elections 2013: Rebuttals

Hi, The candidates made rebuttals and they are now available as part of their platform at: Kurt Roeckx Debian Project Secretary

Debian Project News – March 18th, 2013

Welcome to this year’s sixth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Debian Edu Squeeze updated * DPL election campaign * A deeper look inside the freeze * Kali Linux: a new Debian derivative for penetration tests * Other news * Upcoming events * New Debian […]

bits from the DPL: February 2013 (and a half)

Dear project members, here’s another report of DPL activities, this time for a period longer than usual (February + 1st week of March), so that the next one will be at the very end of the current DPL term.

Eaton donates hardware to Debian

Eaton [1], a global technology leader in electrical products and long time Debian partner, has donated several large-capacity uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) for Debian’s core infrastructure located in Darmstadt, Germany and Vienna, Austria.

Debian Wheezy Now Has Less Than 100 Critical Bugs

Debian 7.0 “Wheezy” is now under 100 release-critical bugs. The release of Debian Wheezy is now not too far out.

Building PHP 5.4 From Source On Debian Squeeze

This tutorial describes how you can build PHP 5.4 from source on Debian Squeeze. Later on, we will install more modules through PECL and add it as an additional PHP version to ISPConfig’s dropdown. At the end you will have a fully function PHP 5.4 installation which is selectable within the ISPConfig interface and a […]

Debian Linux on a PowerMac 7200

Those of us that run Linux on a modern or nearly-modern PC know that it’s a capable operating system. It’s also (at least in my case with Ubuntu) extremely easy to install on a semi-modern computer. On a mid-90s era PowerMac 7200, things aren’t quite so simple.

Call for volunteers to join DebConf Committee

Now that we need to make a venue decision for DebConf14, we are looking for a couple of new members for the DebConf Committee.

Debian Linux on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (with pen support) – video

Xda-developers forum member exception13 has been working to port Debian Linux to run on the Note for a few months. While some features (including GPS and the camera) aren’t fully functional yet, the tablet does support WiFi, Bluetooth, sound, and digital pen input when running Debian.

How two volunteers built the Raspberry Pi’s operating system

With the Raspberry Pi having just turned one year old, we decided to find out how Raspbian—the officially recommended Pi operating system—came into being. The project required 60-hour work weeks, a home-built cluster of ARM computers, and the rebuilding of 19,000 Linux software packages. And it was all accomplished by two volunteers.

Installing PostGIS 2.0 under Debian Wheezy

We’ll be using Postgis2.0 from UbuntuGIS, which has packages for a number of recent Ubuntu releases. Since Ubuntu precise has libc6 2.14 and Debian wheezy only 2.13 we fall back on Ubuntu oneiric for packages, which also has libc6 2.13.

Debian Edu 6.0.7+r1 (aka “Debian Edu Squeeze”) updated

Hi, it’s my pleasure to announce the immediate availability of Debian Edu 6.0.7+r1 (“Debian Edu Squeeze”). Debian Edu 6.0.7+r1 is an incremental update to Debian Edu 6.0.4+r0, containing all the changes between Debian 6.0.4 and 6.0.7 as well Debian Edu specific bugfixes and enhancements. See below (in this mail) for the full list of (edu) […]

Open Source Conference 2013 Tokyo/Spring

Well, some Debian folks have participated in Open Source Conference 2013 Tokyo/Spring, at Meisei Univ

Debian Developers Prefer Teams and Git

Lucas Nussbaum has been crunching some numbers that lead him to conclude that “Debian is (still) changing.” Over the years a few trends have emerged as Nussbaum demonstrates using and a data mining script.

Open source principles influence Debian’s new trademark policy

The Debian Project, which oversees the development and distribution of free and open source operating system Debian, recently released a new trademark policy (which can be viewed here) which enables third parties to use its marks freely for commercial purposes. While such a laissez-faire approach could be seen as risky, it also presents an opportunity […]

Gamer Rewrites Valve’s Steam Installer For Debian

So what do you do when you want to game in Linux and you’re using something a little less popular — at least, on the desktop? If you’re GhostSquad57, you rewrite the installer for Debian and upload it to Github. GhostSquad57 uploaded his efforts to Github yesterday, and has since reached out to the Linux […]

Debian Project News – March 4th, 2013

Welcome to this year’s fifth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.7 released * Call for projects and mentors for Debian GSoC 2013 * Wheezy release progress * Debian at Open Source Conference 2013 Tokyo/Spring * arm64 image available * Other […]

Debian Project Leader Elections 2013: Call for nominations

Hi, According to the constitution (5.2. Appointment), project leader elections should begin “six weeks before the leadership post becomes vacant, or (if it is too late already) immediately.”

Discover Debian’s hassle-free trademarks, use them to promote Debian

The Debian Project is pleased to announce that, according to the terms of the new trademark policy [1], Debian logos and marks may now be used freely [2] for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. The Debian Project encourages wide use of its marks in all ways that promote Debian and free software.

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