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“Bits from Debian” editors delegation

Dear Developers, Following the launch of Bits from Debian[1], the official blog of the Debian project, here is a delegation (between dashed lines below) for the team of editors.


Bits from Debian Editors Delegation

I hereby appoint the following developers as Bits from Debian Editors:

– Ana Beatriz Guerrero López
– Francesca Ciceri

Any previous Bits from Debian Editor delegation, not explicitly listed
above, is revoked.

The delegation is not time-limited. It will be effective until further
changes by present or future DPLs.

Task Description

The Bits from Debian Editors oversee and maintain the official blog of
the Debian project, “Bits from Debian”, currently located at They are responsible for tasks that include:

– Deciding, together with the Press Team, the most suitable publication
venue or venues for announcements.

– Wording articles in a way that reflects the Debian project’s stance on
issues rather than their own person opinion.

– Deciding which articles get published on the blog and when they are


The contact point for the Bits from Debian Editors is

Thanks Ana and Francesca, keep up the good work!


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