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Debian 7: A So-So Distro Not Worth Switching For

Debian may be a granddaddy in the Linux world, but the latest version of the software isn’t much to look at. Debian 7, dubbed ‘Wheezy,’ is about as exciting as its name is unattractive, and it’s certainly not a showcase for the latest distro developments. To be kind, this latest Debian Linux release has little or no flash-bang impact under its hood.

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  1. Comment by R S Chakravarti — July 1, 2013 @ 5:28 am

    In this review, Jack Germain complains about a lack of firmware and wireless drivers as well as some software like cinnamon. He is clearly unaware of the contrib and non-free sections, which is Debian’s fault. Why don’t they accept that some non-free software like firmware is indispensable to a lot of users?

  2. Comment by Miguel Pérez — July 15, 2013 @ 12:07 pm

    He’s getting a military vehicle and complaining that it doesn’t have a DVD player in the back seats.

    Methinks the reviewer wants a desktop OS with the latest kernel (I hope he actually wants to use a new feature of kernels > 3.2), an extensive suite of preinstalled applications, the latest versions of everything, the best hardware support by default, the nicest desktop animations and a one-click install process, then Debian is not for him.

    It’s not like you can’t get all of this on Debian — I do! (I run Sid, use contrib, use a couple of non-free packages, do stuff to my system, if it breaks I can fix it (and it rarely breaks)), but Debian is aimed at no-nonsense sysadmins and no-nonsense hackers or free-software-savvy power users, and it’s great at that. It’ll never be like a default Ubuntu/Mint install; if you want that, you make a default Ubuntu/Mint install.

    In other words, Debian is a bad Ubuntu, but a pretty damn good Debian. That’s why you have Ubuntu or Mint, they are great at being themselves. Everyone can install whatever they need, just don’t compare apples to typewriters.

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