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Configure Munin graphs with Nginx, FastCGI, and Debian 7

Setting up Munin with Nginx can be a little harsh. Here is the ready-to-go solution for Debian Wheezy. I will make the assumption that you already have configured Munin and Munin-node. I also assume that you didn’t change the CGI and CRON params in the Munin default configuration provided by the Debian package.

Debian Virtualization: LXC Network Isolation

Linux containers (LXC) is a lightweight virtualization technology built into Linux kernel. In my previous article, Debian Virtualization: LXC Application Containers, I have detailed the steps to configure and run a simple application container using LXC. LXC application containers are very lean and consume strictly the resources the application requires. This is in sharp contrast […]

Bits from the Release

Hi all, We have some ideas on how to improve the Jessie development cycle. This includes a proposed change to the testing migration rules, automated removals, automated metrics for architecture (re-)qualification and doing a roll call for porters.

Running CS-Cart On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Wheezy/Ubuntu 13.04

This tutorial shows how you can install and run CS-Cart on a Debian Wheezy or Ubuntu 13.04 system that has nginx installed instead of Apache (LEMP = Linux + nginx (pronounced “engine x”) + MySQL + PHP). nginx is a HTTP server that uses much less resources than Apache and delivers pages a lot of […]

Install And Configure Varnish Cache With Apache On Debian 7

Varnish Cache is a web accelerator, sometimes referred to as a HTTP accelerator or a reverse HTTP proxy, that will significantly enhance your web performance. Normally Varnish Cache is available on Debian default repositories. But i suggest you to use Varnish Cache repositories to get latest version of Varnish Cache.

Interesting facts about Debian Linux

August, 15th 2013 was Debian’s 20th anniversary. The Debian Project is a massive community-driven open-source project devoted to a single goal: build a free Linux operating system. Debian is well-known for maintaining strictly guarded policies and principles to remain the most stable and secure Linux distribution.

Virtualization With KVM And openQRM 5.1 On Debian Wheezy

This HowTo is about how to create and manage KVM Virtual Machines on Debian 7 aka Wheezy with openQRM 5.1.

Install openQRM 5.1 On Debian Wheezy

This HowTo is about how to install the openQRM Datacenter Management and Cloud Computing platform version 5.1 on Debian 7 aka Wheezy. It is the starting point for a set of openQRM HowTos explaining different Use-cases with the focus on virtualization, automation and cloud computing.

Mini-Debconf in Cambridge, UK – November 14-17 2013

Hi! I’m organising a mini-conf in Cambridge for November this year. My employer ARM has graciously volunteered to host people for 4 days for a mix of sprint sessions and talks:

No distro diva drama here: Penguinista favourite Debian turns 20

Today Debian marks a milestone not many pieces of software last long enough to see: its 20-year anniversary. And it has achieved all this without the continued presence of its founder driving the show in the way that Linus Torvalds drives Linux, and despite delayed releases and public spats. But that isn’t even the best […]

20 Years of Debian GNU/Linux

Debian GNU/Linux celebrates its 20th birthday anniversary this month. I have been using Debian GNU/Linux only a few years and I regret not having known Debian earlier. The growth, vitality, and quality of the project has been amazing. With Debian GNU/Linux I have been able to do a lot with a tiny investment in IT. […]

gNewSense 3.0 Switches From Ubuntu To Debian

For those concerned more about code licenses and the free nature of software over the quality, richness, and features of a Linux distribution, gNewSense 3.0 is now available. The gNewSense 3.0 release now supports three architectures and has switched from an Ubuntu base to now using Debain Linux.

Debian invites you to its 20th birthday

The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian operating system, would like to invite you to join in celebrating the upcoming 20th Debian Birthday [1] which will take place on 16 August 2013 in Le Camp, in Vaumarcus, Switzerland, during this year’s annual Debian conference, DebConf13 [2].

bits from the DPL – July 2013

Hi, Here is my monthly report for July 2013 (+ the beginning of August). That was a rather slower month, with some travel (for work) and some vacations.

Debian GNU/Linux Displaces Ubuntu GNU/Linux In Page Hits

Last week, evolution caught up with the Ubuntu juggernaut. After jerking people around with Unity, WaylandMir, and generally annoying lovers of Free Software with top-down stuff, Canonical drove more people to take a look at installing Debian GNU/Linux as suggested by the page-hit ratings on Distrowatch. That puts Debian GNU/Linux in #2 after Mint

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