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bits from the DPL – July 2013

Hi, Here is my monthly report for July 2013 (+ the beginning of August).
That was a rather slower month, with some travel (for work) and some

– Survey of new contributors
– ITWire interview
– Logo registration as a trademark
– Delegations
– Debian representatives on the GNOME Advisory Board
– Follow-up: call for help: Debian Auditors
– Assets
– Reminder: sprints!
– Day-to-day log

Survey of new contributors
As initially mentioned in [1], I surveyed new contributors (people who just had
their first package accepted in Debian). A summary of results is available at
[2]. The raw answers are available to Debian Developers. (just ask me)


ITWire interview
I answered an interview for ITWire[1]. A spanish translation[2] is
available, made by Grupo de Software Libre de Cúcuta.


Logo registration as a trademark
Following previous work on this topic [1,2], our trademark team worked
very hard and forwarded everything needed (or at least we hope so!) to
register the Debian logo as a US trademark to our legal counsel,
Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC).


Nicolas Dandrimont has been delegated as a GSOC admin[1], as
he became a DD recently. The list of delegations has been updated
on our website[2].


Debian representatives on the GNOME Advisory Board
Sebastian Dröge and Michael Biebl have agreed to represent
Debian in the GNOME Advisory Board[1].


Follow-up: call for help: Debian Auditors
Two volunteers (Christopher Browne and Brian Gupta) answered the
call for help, and are going to be mentored by our current auditors
(Martin Michlmayr and Martin Wuertele). Thanks!

– Approved shipping of console servers bought last year
($80 + 32€ for german customs)
– Approved purchase of remotely-managed PDU (110€)
and cables for the console server (40€)

Day-to-day log
As usual, my day-to-day log of DPL activities is
available on master:/srv/leader/news/bits-from-the-DPL.txt.201307

Reminder: sprints!
It’s possible and easy to organize a sprint for your team.
See for details.

– Lucas

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