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The Debian OpenSSL Bug: Backdoor or Security Accident?

So was this problem a backdoor, purposefully introduced? It seems unlikely. The maintainer who made the change, Kurt Roeckx, was later made Secretary of the Debian Project, suggesting that he’s a real and trustworthy person and probably not a fake identity made up by the NSA to insert a vulnerability.

Debian Project News – September 16th, 2013

Welcome to this year’s sixteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Debian Women IRC meeting * Bits from the Release Team * Bits from the DPL * Videos of DebConf13 available * Other news * New Debian Contributors * Important Debian Security Advisories * New […]

bits from the DPL – August 2013

Hi, Here is my monthly report for August 2013 (+ the beginning of September).Enjoy. Outline: ——– – DebConf – Follow-up: survey of new contributors – Participation in OpenZFS initiative – Status of MariaDB for Debian – Outreach Program for Women – Assets – DPL Helpers and DPL TO-DO list (help needed!)

Call for Jessie Release Goals

The Release Team calls for the submission of release goals for the Jessie cycle. Release goals are areas of functionality which developers would like to see as an aim for the next release. They will not hold up the release, but allow the bugs opened for that goal to be of severity ‘important’.

Bug Squashing party for Debian and Ubuntu in Oslo, Norway weekend 2013-10-12/13

Do you want to learn how to fix bugs in Debian and Ubuntu. Did a bug in your favourite program annoy you for a while, and you want to do your part to get rid of it for good?

Debian Virtualization: LXC Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization allows the creation of multiple virtual machines (VM) on top of an existing computer, each VM configured in a very specific way. All virtual machines run in parallel alongside the regular host applications, without affecting the host system. The type of virtualization I am currently using is Linux containers (LXC), a lightweight virtualization technology […]

Reduce doxygen footprint on debian

When you install doxygen on a recent debian OS, it will also install debian-latex, which bloats the footprint (on 32-bit wheezy) from 7.5 to 963 MB. To avoid that once and for all, pin the debian-latex package with a negative priority, thereby preventing it from ever installing…

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