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MATE to make it into Debian repositories

Fans of the MATE desktop environment, which is a fork of Gnome 2, will be happy to know that MATE is scheduled to be included in the official Debian repositories. Early 2012, it was requested that MATE be included in said repositories, and almost 2 years later, it appears we’re almost there.

Running ownCloud 5.0 On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Wheezy

This tutorial shows how you can install and run ownCloud 5.0 on a Debian Wheezy system that has nginx installed instead of Apache (LEMP = Linux + nginx (pronounced “engine x”) + MySQL + PHP). nginx is a HTTP server that uses much less resources than Apache and delivers pages a lot of faster, especially […]

Cross-architecture Linux containers in Debian

I wanted to create a Deb-o-Matic environment to testbuild packages for a different architecture. Taking inspiration on Stéphane’s excellent blog post, I tried to replicate the creation of a cross-architecture Linux container in Debian. Here are the steps I made:

Call for DebConf volunteers and DebConf15/16 bids

Hi, If you are interested in putting forward a bid to host DebConf15 in 2015, please tell us about it on the DebConf team mailing list,, then read the information at and prepare bid materials there by the end of this calendar year. (There are a couple of probable bids we already heard […]

Mini Debconf in Paris – January 18 & 19th 2014

Hello Everyone, The Debian France association[1] is proud to announce the next Mini-DebConf[2][3]! This year’s event will take place on January 18th and 19th, where Debian enthusiasts from far and wide will gather to talk about the latest Debian changes, the Debian community and meet up new and old friends.

Init wars: Debian technical panel to decide

The leader of the Debian GNU/Linux project, Lucas Nussbaum, has announced that the question of which init system will be the default in the next release, Jessie, will be decided by the project’s technical committee.

Call for Jessie artwork proposals

Aloha, hackers, As some of you notice from the slamn’ default background in wheezy[1], (BTW; a round of applause for Adrien Aubourg for creating Joy!) we ask for contributions to the debian-desktop team in the form of themeing.

Debian Project News – November 13th, 2013

Welcome to this year’s twentieth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Bits from the Release Team * s390 removed from the archive in favour of s390x * now an official service * Debian increases its popularity on web servers * Other news * Upcoming […]

Moving from Ubuntu to Debian

With the recent changes and events around Ubuntu, I have decided to start using Debian for my personal desktop and server OS. I thought I would detail the reasons behind my decision and my experience while making the switch.

Debian PVHVM vs PV

This time, it’s not a news about Xen Orchestra, but a benchmark of virtualization mode: PVHVM vs PV. When I saw the numbers from Rackspace, well… I choose to do my own tests here, despite it’s in other context (small test lab). We’ll (re)explain concepts first, then our test protocol and at least the results.

Kernel 3.12 Released – Install and Compile in Debian Linux

In this case, we are going to compile a newly released Kernel 3.12, on Debian Wheezy. The newly released Kernel 3.12 has several new features, including some new drivers for the NVIDIA Optimus, and the Radeon Kernel Graphics Driver. It also offers huge improvements to the EXT4 filesystem, and some updates to XFS and Btrfs.

Setup DNS Server On Debian 7 Wheezy

In this tutorial i am going to setup local Primary and secondary DNS servers. I am using two systems running with Debian 7 for primary and secondary DNS server and one system running with Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop for Client.

Debian is threatening to switch their default DE to XFCE if Gnome 3 doesn’t bring back a “more comfortable” interface for Gnome 2 users.

In a Debian GIT commit post Sunday, it was announced that they will again review XFCE as a promising option to replace Gnome 3 in the famous Linux distro.

Debian Virtualization: LXC debootstrap filesystem

This article discusses LXC, a lightweight virtualization technology built into Linux kernel. The user space LXC tool is distributed with a number of templates that allow the creation of different Linux distro filesystems, usually one template for each major Linux distribution.

Install Percona Server 5.6 And phpMyAdmin On Debian 7 Wheezy

Percona Server is an enhanced drop-in replacement of MySQL. The latest version Percona Server 5.6 is made available for download with new features and many improvements. In this tutorial let me show you how to install it on Debian 7 Wheezy server.

Setup Web-based Help Desk System Using SiT!

Support Incident Tracker, is a Free, Open Source web based ‘Help Desk’ or ‘Support Ticket System’ application which uses PHP and MySQL for tracking technical support calls/emails. SiT! can be used to manage contacts, sites, technical support contracts and support incidents in one place. Also we can send emails directly from SiT!, attach files and […]

Debian To Switch To Systemd Or Upstart

Debian developers have been in a very polarized discussion recently about replacing their default SysVinit system with a more modern init system; namely, Debian developers are evaluating whether to use systemd or Upstart.

Building Debian SD card for Linux with Kernel 3.4 from scratch for A10S-OLinuXino-MICRO

This is step by step instruction how to build Debian for A10S-OLinuXino with Kernel 3.4 In Kernel 3.4 image several major bugs are fixed like: XFCE4 problems with USB-Ethernet-AX88772B, the WIFI instability, GPIO, USB support etc which were with problems in the earlier image.

I miss Debian tools

It is nearly two months since I switched from Debian/Ubuntu to Fedora/RHEL. And I start to miss Debian tools… Under Debian (which also means derivatives like Ubuntu) I used simple set of tools and I have found their Fedora replacements:

Windows 7 vs Windows 8 vs Ubuntu vs OS X vs Debian vs Chromebook

Windows 7 and RHEL at work; Windows 8 on my desktop gaming and media production machine at home; Ubuntu and OS X on my Macbook air; Debian my small home server; and a Chromebook to play around and casual web surfing.

bits from the DPL — October 2013

Hi, Here is my 7th monthly report, for October 2013. Outline: ——– – Participation in Outreach Program For Women – Ongoing discussion on init systems – Discussion on using Content Delivery Networks – becomes manpages.debian.ORG – how-can-i-help now lists packages removed from testing – packaging-tutorial translated to Japanese, Portuguese and Russian – Assets – […]

Debian Project News – October 28th, 2013

Welcome to this year’s nineteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Bits from the Release Team * s390 removed from the archive in favour of s390x * now an official service * Debian increases its popularity on web servers * Other news * Upcoming […]

Debian Policy released

Dear all, I have just uploaded the Debian Policy The main change is the recommendation that “Packages should remove all obsolete configuration files without local changes during upgrades” (10.7.3). Most of the other changes consist in a more extensive documentation of already existing practices.

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