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Steam OS available for download, based on Debian 7.1 not Ubuntu

Valve Software has made available images for Steam OS, it’s GNU/Linux based gaming distribution. Valve has also released more information about the operating system. Unlike popular belief Steam OS is not based on Ubuntu; it’s based on Debian 7.1 Wheezy. Steam OS is using Gnome as it’s default desktop environment.

bits from the DPL — November 2013

Hi, Here is my 8th monthly report, for November 2013. Outline: ——– – Appointment of Keith Packard to the Debian TC – Outreach Program For Women update – Role of Release Goals – Debian Developer Certificates – Anti-Harassment contact point – Preface for the Debian Administrator’s Handbook – Assets – DPL Helpers and DPL TO-DO […]

Ubuntu in Debian Software Sources

Besides Ubuntu as an OS on my machine, I’m also using Debian GNU/Linux 7 Wheezy for months now. I’m enjoying using this latest stable version of Debian because it really is a stable version. I never encounter a single error while using it. That’s the main reason why I choose to use it for some […]

How to Repack Deb Files on Debian and Ubuntu

The following tutorial will teach Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian GNU/Linux users how to easily unpack and repack a .deb file on their Debian-based Linux operating system. Once in a while you reach a moment in life when, among other things, you want to modify a .deb file, to change something in it and repackage […]

Debian Wheezy Installation

After several years spent with Fedora I’ve decided to try another Linux distribution. My choice fell on Debian that I need to learn because of my project. The tutorial describes installation of common user applications. It also offers solution to problems I encountered after Debian Wheezy installation. Please have in mind that is written from […]

New Debian image with Armel and Mono-complete is available

There are lot of people who do .NET programming and the Linux alternative MONO. For some weird reason MONO is not working on armhf default Debian distribution which we use (as armhf performs better we ignored so far armel).

Release sprint results – team changes, auto-rm and arch status

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA256 In this new and exciting update from your Debian Release Team… * Team Membership * Auto-removal of non-leaf packages * Release Goals * Architecture Status * ia64 in danger * sparc/ppc/mips/kfreebsd at risk * s390 dropped from testing * Default Urgency * Sprint

Bits from Debian Med team

Hi, some of these bits are a bit outdated but there is no point in hiding this information just because it is old. 1. FOSDEM talk 2. Jabber interview about Debian Med 3. Article about Debian Med 4. Yearly sprint of Debian Med team 5. DebConf 13 in Vaumarcus 6. Codefest of the Open Bioinformatics […]

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