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Debian real-time communication (RTC) project – SIP

Hello Debian Project News people,
Daniel Pocock extended the siprepo code to do federation secured by TLS
And the DSA team ingeterate the TURN with the Debian identification system.
So now it is possible to recieve calls and make calls to other domains
with a address. This makes it possible to make voice calls
to and from the Debian community.

This e-mail is to get more attention
on the debian-devel-announce@l.d.o. posting

says Zack about the announce:

Project-wide SIP is good for development reasons (voice talking could be
way more efficient than emails at times), that it is good for social
reasons (it could help in smoothing conflicts), and that it is good for
political reasons (it promotes federated ways of communicating).

It would be nice if this milestone gets coverage in Debian Weekly News.

Geert Stappers

Leven en laten leven

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