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Bits from the Lintian maintainers

Bits from the Lintian maintainers

* New Lintian maintainer
* Detection of non-free files
* Automatic reprocessing on lintian.d.o

New Lintian maintainer

Bastien Roucariès has joined the Lintian team and is currently the
primary developer of Lintian. Bastien is also the mastermind behind
the new checks for non-free files (see below).

Please give a warm welcome to Bastien. :)

Detection of non-free files

Lintian now detects some non-free files based on checksums of their
contents. These detections are based on two simple data files and can
distinguish between “non-distributable” vs. “not-DFSG-compliant”

If you find a non-free file (of either type) that Lintian does not
detect, and which is unlikely to change on a regular basis, please
consider submitting a bug report against lintian.

Please include:

* The MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 checksums of the file.
* The (usual) basename of the file. E.g. definitive-guide.png
* The rationale and whether it is distributable (i.e. allowed in non-free);
– Does not allow modification
– Under GFDL with invariants
– Does not allow redistribution
* A reference to the file and/or its license or a bug report.
– Example, for the w3c icons, we refer to

– For some fonts, we reference #298545 (comment 29)

If you find non-distributable files in your packages, remember to file
a bug against so they can remove the files from

Related information:

Automatic reprocessing on lintian.d.o

In the past, a package was only (re)processed when a new version of it
was uploaded to unstable (or experimental). Starting with 2.5.21,
Lintian will now automatically reprocess all the packages in the
archive, when Lintian is updated on lintian.d.o.

In the next version of Lintian, the pages will even feature a little
note saying which version of Lintian generated the results for a given
package. We have cherry-picked this to lintian.d.o, so you can
already see it in action at:

The reprocessing happens slowly over a month, currently limited to at
most 1024 package groups per day (beyond daily changes). At its
maximum pace (and assuming no daily changes), this will take about 3

You can see the current backlog on, where it
is listed as “Rescheduled groups”.
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