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Steady improvements in Debian Wheezy — and a smooth transition from Squeeze

But Debian gets better as it inches toward release. And if you’re running the Stable distribution (Squeeze instead of Wheezy, still in Testing) you can enjoy the goodness for the next two years — or three if you wish, as Stable gets an extra year of security patches as Old Stable after a new Stable […]

Debian undecided on method for secure boot

The Debian GNU/Linux project has yet to decide on the method whereby it will ensure that the Linux distribution it produces can boot on computers that are certified for Windows 8. Read more here

I am beating the hell of out Debian Wheezy and GNOME 3

Across multiple desktops, applications and windows, I’m pretty much smashing GNOME 3 in Debian Wheezy against the wall to see if it breaks. So far it’s all holding up very, very well.

Debian discussion culture: what doesn’t work

I claim that the way we conduct discussions on debian-devel has gone quickly downhill this year. The discussions around the default init implementation are particularly sad examples of how Debian debates technical topics.

Debian and I

For me, Bruce Byfield, Debian and free software are hopelessly intertwined. While I had played about with Linux before, I only went hardcore when I started work on 5 July, 1999 at Stormix Technologies, an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to commercialize Debian. From there, I jumped ship to work at Progeny Linux System, which was founded […]

Debian celebrates its 19th birthday

Debian, one of the oldest actively maintained GNU/Linux distributions, turns 19 today. Project founder Ian Murdock originally announced the project on 16 August 1993 when he released the first version of the distribution. Looking back at that email, a surprising number of Murdock’s initial goals for the project are still reflected in Debian today, despite […]

Debian Wheezy May Ship With XFCE As The Default Desktop Environment

Debian developers are planning to switch the default desktop environment of Debian 7 codenamed Wheezy from Gnome to XFCE. The move comes mainly to make the distro lightweight and also reduce the size of the installation image.

My Debian Saga

I’ve installed numerous Debian forks and had few if any issues with them, distributions like SolusOS, Linux Mint debian, SalineOS, and Mepis. All were very solid Linux distributions and relatively easy to install. Not so with vanilla Debian. My goal was to install Debian to a 16 gig usb stick, essentially installing Debian to an […]

usage of vcs-git in the Debian archive Posted 2 days ago

As much as I hate nonfree software, and I think relying on as part of our infrastructure sucks, there is a degree of sense to keeping stuff on GitHub. If upstream is on GitHub, it may make it easier to coordinate and work with them. However! These are repos sitting in people’s personal accounts — […]

Debian Developers Discuss UEFI SecureBoot Plans

While the room was full of Debian developers in Managua, Nicaragua, nothing really new came out of the discussion. If you’ve been keeping track of Matthew Garrett’s blog posts, talks, and other information concerning SecureBoot on Linux, you didn’t miss out on much from this Debian talk.

Debian GNU/Linux seeks alignment with Free Software Foundation

Newcomers of the Linux way of doing things are usually surprised to see Debian not on the FSF’s list of free distros, particularly since Debian has always made a strong public stance to adhere to free software principles. Not to mention that it is one of the few Linux distributions that actually uses “GNU/Linux” in […]

Debian: Squeeze vs. Wheezy On Linux And kFreeBSD

With Debian Wheezy now frozen for its release sometime next year, here are some early benchmarks comparing the performance of Debian 6.0.5 “Squeeze” to the latest packages for the Debian 7.0 “Wheezy” release. For this Squeeze vs. Wheezy comparison, both Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD were benchmarked from an Intel 64-bit system.

MIPS Loongson 3A Benchmarks On Debian

Here are some benchmarks of the MIPS-based ICT Loongson-3A quad-core processor out of China. Unfortunately I have yet to get my hands on any Loongson hardware, but on it was discovered that Linux benchmark results are beginning to appear for the ICT Loongson-3A V0.5 FPU.

I upgraded from Debian Squeeze to Wheezy today

Though my track record with in-place upgrades of Linux/Unix systems is far from positive, I decided to do just that with my long-running (since late 2010) Debian Squeeze laptop today. It went surprisingly well — and by that I mean I’m using a fully upgraded Debian Wheezy laptop to create this post in Nautilus via […]

Intel Ivy Bridge Borked On FreeBSD, Debian BSD

However, after Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Wheezy/sid installation with the kFreeBSD 9.0-1-amd64 kernel was complete, it never successfully booted. It was a no go. Trying different UEFI/BIOS settings and other FreeBSD kernel options were tried, but the Ivy Bridge system with Debian GNU/kFreeBSD never successfully booted.

Debian project leader Stefano Zacchiroli and the controversy over Debian Multimedia

The more interesting bits this month include a controversy over duplication between the Debian Multimedia archive and Debian proper. Stefano suggests that what package belongs where be worked out, or that Debian Multimedia shed its Debian name and move on.

Working the Debian Packaging

So, I (an RPM packager) have taken it on – APT packages. A Linux distribution I’m not all too familiar with, a packaging mechanism I’m not all too familiar with, and guidelines and processes and rules I’m completely unaware of.

Czech municipality uses open source for nearly everything

In the Czech municipality of Grygov open source is used almost everywhere. It covers most of the applications used by the administration, offers public Internet access across the entire village and it is the basis for an SMS gateway linking the regional fire department with the volunteers in the village. The software even keeps parents […]

Debian and Maven, a crash of culture

Tim O’Brien posted his frustration about the state of Java packaging in Debian. While I’m not affiliated with Debian nor Ubuntu, I wanted to post something in defense.

My Debian Squeeze box DOESN’T spring forward

I’m always wondering about people who forget to spring forward or fall back when daylight saving time begins or ends. Now I’m one of them.

Important information regarding upcoming dpkg 1.16.2 upload

Hi, I’ll be uploading dpkg 1.16.2 targeting unstable, by the end of this weekend or beginning of next week the latest (after some final polishing). Some pretty important points follow, the first section in particular.

Debian FTW

I have just realized I have been using Debian as my main operating system for 4 years now. I was using Pardus 2008 before. I moved to Debian after getting frustrated with some packaging issues and I never looked back.

LLVM’s Clang Is Almost Good Enough For Debian

A Debian developer’s side project has been to see how well it would work to re-build the Debian archive (the entire distribution) using LLVM’s Clang C/C++ compiler rather than GCC.

Debian Project News – March 5th, 2012

Welcome to this year’s fifth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include…

GPL use in Debian on the rise: study

A recent study by a free software advocate has found that the use of the GNU General Public Licence family in the Debian GNU/Linux Project has been growing over the last seven years.

Debian, Ubuntu patching up rocky romance

Many things are afoot in the Debian world: ideas to reduce distro complexity and developer feedback cycle time; the embrace of the rise of ARM; and more TLC between Debian and its derivatives.

The languages of Debian Wheezy

It’s no surprise that when it comes to languages used within a Linux distribution that C and C++ lead the way, but would you have expected 429 lines of COBOL and 1933 lines of Modula3 to have made their way into the code?

Debian Wheezy: US$19 Billion. Your price… FREE!

As many would know, Debian GNU/Linux is one of the oldest, and the largest Linux distributions that is available for free. Since it was first released in 1993, several people have analysed the size and produced cost estimates for the project.

Debian LXDE Live – is it still Debian?

Today I will tell you about Debian LXDE Live, thus completing the Debian cycle. If you want to read about other versions of Debian Squeeze, please follow the links to reviews of GNOME, XFCE and KDE versions.

Getting A Package Sponsored in Debian

For a non-insider (that is, someone who is not an official Debian Developer), getting a package into the Debian distribution and, by proxy, into the Ubuntu distribution requires getting the attention of someone with sufficient interest and privilege to do the actual upload. It’s called finding a sponsor in Debian parlance, and it’s sometimes a […]

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