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Install Knoppix 6 to a USB Flash Drive in Windows

How to Install Knoppix 6.2 to a USB Flash Drive using Windows and the USB Installer for Knoppix 6.

Knoppix founder Klaus Knopper speaks

Knoppix is something of a legend as far as system administrators and computer repair technicians are concerned. Most people who know about it have a healthy respect for it.

Knoppix Live CD distro rev’d

Klaus Knopper has released version 6.2 of his Debian-based live-CD Linux distro. Based on Debian 5.0 (“Lenny”), the new version uses the lightweight LXDE as the default desktop, and includes a new version of the ADRIANE talking menu system for vision-impaired users.

Knoppix 6.2 arrives

Knoppix 6.2 features version of the Linux kernel, 7.4 and version 1.2 of ADRIANE (Audio Desktop Reference Implementation and Networking Environment). ADRIANE is a “a talking menu system, which is supposed to make work and internet access easier for computer beginners, even if they have no sight contact to the computers monitor.”

The 10 Best Linux Distributions of 2009

This 2009 list takes several factors into account for placement in the list: Community support, commercial support, software variety, update engine and distribution frequency. Even for old Linux salts, there are a few surprises on this list. For starters, Ubuntu is not number one.

Knoppix – First glance

I’ve only had it installed for about a half hour now, but it’s pretty snappy on my old system and even has some good Compiz effects running. I also like that Iceweasle is the default browser.

The Reason Why I Loved Knoppix More Than Windows!

About three months ago, my friend, Freddie had recommended me to use the Knoppix. He said that he have been very tired about the Windows and decided to change it to Knoppix.

Knoppix via PXE

I was able to get knoppix to boot through my PXE and it recognizes the hard drives, which is the most important thing when you want to do hard drive recovery

How to Recover Important Files with Knoppix

You go to your computer, power it on, and half way through the boot sequence you are hit with this innocent looking blue screen with crap you probably don’t understand. While I am not going to write a novel on any one of a hundred things you could do to fix this, I will instruct […]

The 14 best Linux distros

Given the number of Linux distros out there, how did we pick just 14? Some were obvious; the likes of Slackware and Debian have been around since Linus was in short trousers. SUSE, Fedora, Mandriva and Ubuntu are similarly too significant to ignore. What about the others?

8 Rocking Linux Distros

Defining the best Linux distros is like defining the best car–one does not exist; instead, the best cars are the ones that meet your needs, and your needs may vary wildly from the needs of another person. Just as an F150 might be the best vehicle for you and a Civic for me, Ubuntu might […]

Best of Linux Distro

The eight distros below are listed based on several different criteria–community, usability support, etc. This article avoids, for lack of a better word, “general” distros.

Knoppix 6.0 Linux LiveCD replaces KDE with LXDE

Last month Knoppix 6.0 was released, and it’s even faster and prettier than earlier versions. But it’s still designed to run well on older and slower computers. Among the changes in version 6.0 is the switch from the KDE desktop environment to the LXDE graphical environment.

Five Best Live CDs

Live CDs (and DVDs) are versatile tools, allowing you to boot into an operating system without installing anything to your hard drives. Let’s take a closer look at the five most popular live CDs.

Knoppix: live CD par excellence

While the bigger and better-known Linux distributions tend to get more than their fair share of publicity, there are other bright stars that light up the FOSS firmament and rarely get a mention.

Your PC toolkit, part one: Knoppix

One friendly tool for data recovery is Knoppix, a version of Linux designed to start and run your computer from a CD or DVD, even if the Windows files on the hard drive are out of sorts.

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