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How to experiment with LXC on Debian

Okay LXC is hot and getting widely used by different stack in the infrastructure.So I decided to play with it little bit and show you how you can actually do it yourself with minimal fuss. I am sitting on Debian Wheezy and I will get debian lxc container to run it on top of host […]

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Bits from Debian Med team

Hi, in this bits: 1. Debian Med Bug Squashing Advent Calendar 2011 2. Anniversary of Debian Med 3. Second Debian Med sprint (Southport, 27th-29th January 2012) 4. Mentoring of Month (MoM) 5. DDs who came to Debian because of Debian Med 6. Future plans 7. General lessons learned

Linux command line basics for beginners: Part 1

You may consider this article as somewhat of a “part two” of the Command line programs for everyday use in linux article I wrote a few days ago. It’s all about going step-by-step to get you, the user, proficient at the command-line and become envy material for your friends.

Running TYPO3 4.6 On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.10

This tutorial shows how you can install and run a TYPO3 (version 4.6) web site on a Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu 11.10 system that has nginx installed instead of Apache (LEMP = Linux + nginx (pronounced “engine x”) + MySQL + PHP).

DebConf11 Events BoF, report!

This is the report of the Events BoF [2][3]. I am sorry for the delay, but the latest days at DebConf11 were quite intense for me, between the merchandise handling and the proposal for DebConf13 in Switzerland. And the week after DebConf11 I took a pause and enjoyed RL

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We’ve added a Twitter-account to make it even easier for you to get your daily dose of Debian-News – you can start following us on the right side of the front page.

Project Kronos: XenAPI on Debian and Ubuntu

The XCP team would like to formally announce Project Kronos, our port of XCP’s XenAPI toolstack to Debian and Ubuntu dom0. This will give users the ability to install Debian or Ubuntu, and then just do ‘apt-get install xapi’ in order to build a system that is (roughly) functionally equivalent to a standard XCP distribution

bits from the DPL for June 2011

Dear Developers, another month, another bit(s). (This report was meant to be sent out about a week ago, so it covers happenings in DPL land for June. Bear with me for further news shortly after the end of DebConf.)

Debian Squeeze 6.0 installation screen shots and review

Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” is about to be released, in fact some days ago, the Release Candidate 1, has been published, you can read about that here. In this post, I will show, the screenshots of the Graphical installer. Well, I’m going to fast, better start from the beginning.

Comments to the release update

Debian Squeeze on the horizon – and of all the systems that could like my hardware so well, I’m extremely glad it’s this one

Lutris: A New Universal Gaming Platform for Linux is in Development

Lutris is a new gaming platform for Linux that aims at providing easy game installation, configuration and launching system for games. It is different from other services like PlayOnLinux as it integrates a large number of games from a number of different systems that includes console emulators also.

The 233-Line Kernel Patch and the (Even Easier) Alternatives

The debate over the two original approaches “shows the division in the Linux camp,” said Slashdot blogger hairyfeet. “On one side you have the DIYers with the patch; on the other, the ‘make it easy’ option with an update that will end up rolled in the kernel. “Who is right? Well, I still say that […]

How to install OpenQRM 4.7 with LXC containers in Debian Squeeze/Lenny: Step by Step

OpenQRM 4.7 was released on September 30, 2010 with LXC support. Wonderful product. I hope that this information is useful to those who are interested. And thanks to Matt and OpenQRM developers for the hard work!

New host

Hi there has now been moved to a new hosting company. From my point of view, the site is responding a lot faster than before. Have a nice weekend everyone. Best regards Søren Reinke Webmaster


Sorry for the downtime. Our hosting company just shut down alle my Domains because a single one of them had a PHP script that did go crazy This site might be a bit slow for now, until I have figured out what the problem site is. Hope to be back in full speed soon. Best […]

Automated Data backup of Ubuntu Linux using Remote Backup software rsnapshot in Debian

This scenario depicts backup of desktop (assuming that IP address is data to a backup server. My desktop runs on Ubuntu 10.04 and backup server runs on Debian Squeeze.


Hi there The moderator is away on holiday, therefore no news at the moment.

bits from the (newbie) DPL

Hello, world!, 48 hours into this new DPL term, here are my first ever “bits from the DPL” with kudos, directions, and some practical information.

LCA2010 raises over $33,000 in support of Life Flight Trust!

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Monday 8 February 2010 – 2010 is over, but the generosity of its delegates will leave a lasting impression on the Life Flight Trust. welcomes a strong showing of 700 technologists

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Monday 18 December 2009 – 2010 welcomes over 700 technologists, bringing together the best and brightest minds in the free and open source software community.

7 days to go to 2010!

We are anticipating great things to happen at 2010! With four fantastic keynote presenters: Gabriella Coleman, Benjamin Mako Hill, Glyn Moody, Nathan Torkington, and a terrific line up of speakers….

Misc developer news (#19)

In this issue: + GPG key signing coordination moved to + Debian OpenSSH VCS changeover, and call for help + Easier for customization on LXDE now + WNPP BTS report now categorised + Update about “3.0 (quilt)” source format

Debian Enchilada tutorial

Here you’ll find a set of videos guiding you through an Enchilada installation on Debian.

Top Geeks to Converge on Wellington

When the first Australasian Linux conference (LCA) was held at Monash University, Melbourne in 1999, it was funded entirely from one of the founder’s personal credit cards.

Howto switch from Ubuntu to Debian – My Experience – Part I

After long time I’m posting this. In this time, I got a fantastic experience of switching myself from ubuntu to debian. Reasons? may be silly but here they are…

Predictable Cadence: Shuttleworth Chimes in on Debian Release Cycle

Controversy over fixed release cycles for Debian is nothing new. Now Ubuntu’s Mark Shuttleworth has entered into the fray.

Vacation time!

Sorry folks, there’ll be no updates for the next couple of weeks, as I’ll be trekking in the hills and forests of Germany and not spending much time online.

Bits from the release team and request for discussion

Sorry for sending out this mail so late. It should have gone out a bit earlier, but the delay allowed us to update our views on the timeline based on the feedback we received by the community – see below for details.

Microsoft promises no patent prosecution of open-source .NET

Microsoft is promising not to pursue patent claims against Linux and open-source software using the open-source implementation of .NET, Project Mono.

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