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Debian Purity, iMacs & the usbserial problem

Since it is PowerPC based with only 384 MB RAM, my Linux choices are restricted. Happily (I thought), Debian would do the trick. One of Debian's virtues is that they provide Linux for many less common machine architectures. Read it here Quote: Cut to the chase: The Keyspan usbserial driver for my device has been […]

About Debian

The success of Debian GNU/Linux can be illustrated by the following numbers. It is developed by over 1,000 volunteer developers, its software repositories contain more than 20,000 packages (compiled for 11 processor architectures), and it is responsible for inspiring over 120 Debian-based distributions and live CDs. Read a bit about Debian here

Why Ubuntu users should care about Debian

Although Ubuntu is relatively new, it builds on the rich history and deep roots of the venerable Debian project, one of the oldest and most influential Linux distributions. The fate of the two popular flavors of Linux is as inextricably bound as their respective histories. Read more here Quote: Ubuntu still depends heavily on upstream […]

Ted Ts'o: Debian Can Learn from Ubuntu

ewly appointed CTO of the Linux Foundation and kernel developer Ted Ts'o is appealing to the Debian project to adopt a more pragmatic attitude about its Linux distro. The provocation for his advice is the current controversy over Debian's next 5.0 “Lenny” release. More here Quote: Particularly offensive to some Debian developers might be Ts'o's […]

A diagram of the apt system

There's a lot of folklore in the Debian community about how apt works. Unfortunately, a lot of it is also just plain wrong. For instance, I often hear people confidently say things like aptitude is a frontend to apt-get (it isn't). More here Quote: In the interest of clearing up some of this confusion, I've […]

Adding XCache support to PHP5 (Ubuntu/Debian)

XCache is a fast, stable PHP opcode cacher that has been tested and is now running on production servers under high load. Read more here

Debian Lenny: 64-bit Pain

Debian has a different approach to 64-bit hardware. The entire system is 64-bit, and the only way you can run anything 32-bit is in a “jail” — a sort of security sandbox isolated from the system itself. I suppose this adds some measure of security, but it also offers a unique experience in pure 64-bit […]

The Secret Lives of Ubuntu and Debian Users

Using free and open source software (FOSS), advocates like to say, is not a popularity contest. It's about doing what's right. However, the Debian and Ubuntu Popularity Contest projects might disagree. Read more here Quote: Popularity-contest reports four main statistics for each package: The number of installations, the number of hosts on which the program […]

Bits from the DPL

I've been too quiet about what's been going on lately, and it's time Ifixed that. We've all been busy, and I should update you on DPL-typethings. Hi people, #include I've been too quiet about what's been going on lately, and it's time Ifixed that. We've all been busy, and I should update you on DPL-typethings. […]

DebGem: Ruby Gems for Debian

DebGem is currently in a free public beta period, but the plan is to charge for the service once the packages are of good enough quality. We talked to Hongli Lai and Ninh Bui from Phusion to learn more about how DebGem works More here Quote: Phusion, the company behind the Ruby Enterprise Edition and […]

Ftpteam members

with the recent resignation of one ftpteam member, we felt the need toadd some more. Luckily we did have volunteers and could start a trainee session. Hi with the recent resignation of one ftpteam member, we felt the need toadd some more. Luckily we did have volunteers and could start a traineesession. Everyone please welcome […]

Using Xen With LVM-Based VMs Instead Of Image-Based VMs (Debian Etch)

This guide explains how you can set up LVM-based virtual machines on a Xen host running on Debian Etch instead of virtual machines that use disk images. Virtual machines that use disk images are very slow and heavy on disk IO. Read more here Quote: In this example I'm using a Debian Etch host with […]

Debian Project News – January 12th, 2009

Welcome to this year's 1st issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debiancommunity. This issue is dedicated to Thiemo Seufer, who died on 26 December 2008 in a tragic car accident. —————————————————————————Debian Project News Project News – January 12th, 2009————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 1st issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debiancommunity. This issue […]

Debian, Philosophy, and People

Given the recent brouhaha in Debian, and General Resolution regarding Lenny’s Release policy as it relates to Firmware and Debian’s Social Contract, which has led to the resignation of Manoj Srivastava from the position of Secretary for the Debian Project, I’m reminded of the following passage from Gordon Dickson’s Tactics of Mistakes Read more here […]

Adding REAL Firefox to Debian Lenny

I realize it’s a touchy subject, but some of us prefer unmodified Firefox — including the standard Firefox icon — to Debian’s Iceweasel alternative. Here’s a three-step way to substitute Firefox for Iceweasel on a fresh Lenny install. More here Quote: This procedure assumes you’ve downloaded and installed the latest Debian Lenny (aka “testing,” currently) […]

Using listadmin to manage mailman

I’m managing a bunch of mailman lists for work and out-of-work activities. The web interface of mailman is great, but sometimes, it is just slow to have to go through the web interface. More here Quote: It is unproductive when you have several pending messages and you have to go through all the queues. Hopefully, […]

Xen + VLAN on Debian

Here’s how I put a Xen DomU on a VLAN in Debian. More here Quote: eth0 is connected to a trunk port on the switch, and the untagged vlan is used for dom0 connectivity. You shoud already know how to do this part. Tagged VLANs are assigned to bridge groups on the dom0. In your […]

Do women matter in FOSS projects?

That's a question that needs to be asked after the Debian GNU/Linux project garnered headlines earlier this month over an offensive mailing list post that had at least two women considering whether they would continue their involvement in the project. More here Quote: In February this year, Debian developer Russell Coker wrote an inoffensive post […]

Installing New Fonts (ttf) in Debian for the your Personal Use

Installing fonts into Debian for a single user is easy. Here it is in 3 steps Read it here

Virtual Host With Apache2 – Debian

Its usually we used http://localhost in our box, how about make a different things with a domain name like in our box?? http://localhost –> (in local box) We can do that.., its called Virtual Host. Read how it's done here

Building GRAILS app on Debian using Maven GRAILS Plugin

We’re now using GRAILS in one of our Maven-ized projects, and have it building using the Maven GRAILS plugin. We needed to roll this integration out to Husdon, our CI server which is running on a Debian box. We ran into a couple of snags. More here Quote: Trying to build again we came across […]

Server upgraded to Debian lenny

This afternoon, I finally decided to upgrade my main server from Debian etch to lenny. Lenny is still testing, but is nearing release. This server is colocated with Core Networks, and I have no physical or console access to it. More here Quote: EXCEPT for the two things that always really bug me: Horde/IMP and […]

Mount NTFS partition on Debian

Once upon a time, writing to NTFS was a chimera. For years I tell to friends to use FAT32 when installing Windows XP. But now the NTFS support is fine, even on Debian. Read more here Quote: Where YOURDEVICE is /dev/something you can found on Partition Editor for the your NTFS partition. Do a mount […]

A triple-boot system with GRUB: Debian "Lenny", FreeDOS 1.0, and Windows 98SE

I can now set up a GRUB boot menu that puts all of my installed operating systems on an even keel: Debian GNU/Linux “Lenny” (the latest testing version), FreeDOS 1.0 (the latest release, and now no longer “beta”), and Windows 98SE (one given to my kids by my mother, also dating to about 2000, another […]

Debian ported to G1

It was great news for the jailbreak crowd who used it to enable the telnet shell and sneak their way into the G1's innards. With that in mind, Jay “saurik” Freeman took the G1's shell to the next level. He got Debian Linux running on his G1 under RC29. Read it here Quote: Over the […]

Setting Up A High-Availability Load Balancer With Perlbal/Heartbeat On Debian Et

This article explains how to set up a two-node load balancer in an active/passive configuration with Perlbal and heartbeat on Debian Etch. The load balancer sits between the user and two (or more) backend Apache web servers that hold the same content. Read the good stuff, as usual on howtoforge

Install R, BioConductor in Debian

R is a free and open source package which use for statistical analysis. In this post main focus is going towards installing and configuring the BioConductor, which is also a free and open source project (a package in R) widely use for analyzing genome data. More here Quote: Tried to install and configure BioConductor in […]

Debian- What It Means To Me

I have a love/hate relationship with Debian. It is a solid operating system, with a lot of potential. When initially released in 1993, then following the subsequent years, Debian wan innovative. More here Quote: This is the hate relationship I have with Debian. It's lost it's focus. It's gotten overly concerned about the nitty-gritty, and […]

A Gentoo User Gives Debian a Go Around

A few weeks ago, I installed Debian for the first time on the desktop. Once, a friend and I installed a console-only version on another desktop and we connected remotely to his hosted game server which also ran Debian, so I hoped I should be a bit familiar with it. Read more here Quote: So, […]

trac served by lighttpd on Debian lenny

We install lighttpd together with trac, as otherwise the trac package will pull in an installation of apache2, which is a bit more heavyweight than what I wanted. Read more here

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