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Multiarch: How To Use 32bit Packages On A 64bit System (Debian 7 Wheezy)

On Debian Wheezy, it is now possible to run a i386-linux-gnu application on an amd64-linux-gnu system. This is called Multiarch and refers to the capability of a system to install and run applications of multiple different binary targets on the same system.

Building 32bit binaries on x86_64 debian

I’ve been going in circles with slirp trying to really get it to run on x86_64 mode so far to no avail…But it’d sure help to be able to compile code in 32bit/64bit on the same machine. Anyways after looking for far too long I managed to find that it’s really simple.

Squid under Debian 5.04 64-bit netinst – Part 1

The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system. This operating system is called Debian GNU/Linux, or simply Debian for short. Debian systems currently use the Linux kernel.

Compiling VLC 1.0.6 from Source on Debian Lenny 64 bit

This guide is intended as an introduction to compiling software from source, with the added benefit that the result is something very useful –an up-to-date media player– to the typical user. I have written it in a chronological form, from the moment of downloading the package up to the moment the final tests on the […]

Skype on Debian Testing (Squeeze) 64-bit (Workaround)

Although not free software, Skype is found on many Linux installations. A couple of bugs in Debian testing prevents it from running properly. This guide supplies a workaround to get it working.

Installing Python 2.6 from Source on Debian Lenny (AMD64)

Nothing different about AMD64. Note that before doing sudo make install, you may wish to remove /usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages directory especially if you have a previous installation of Python 32-bit system.

How to install the Adobe Flash Player on Debian systems

This post shows you how to install the Adobe Flash Player, formerly known as the Macromedia Flash Player, on Debian systems

Debian Testing build notes Nov 2009

A few people asked for my install notes for my new Debian Testing installs. I hope they are of use to someone

Debian 64 Bit Linux Overview

I wanted to see Linux in action in 64 bits. It seems there are only a few choices, Ubuntu and Debian were the only distributions I found using 64 bit software. I thought I would give Debian a go first planning on installing Ubuntu afterwards.

Install Mysql 5.1 for SPARC64 under Debian Lenny

If you happen to own a SPARC64 box, you’ll probably already know that even if the kernel is 64bit the userland comes from the normal SPARC Debian port, so it’s 32bit. Mysql is no exception, with all the 32bit limitations – mainly the 4GB RAM per process limit.

Running 32-bit X Windows application on 64-bit system using bind mount in Linux

We have already seen how to create a debootstrap system and we also learned how to compile a 32-bit application (like Linux kernel) from within the debootstrap system in Debian Linux. In this post we will learn how to run X windows application from a “chroot” system.

Debian Lenny eAccelerator packages (AMD64)

As I already explained I use the eAccelerator packages from Andrew McMillan. Unfortunately he didn’t compile new packages for Debian Lenny. Therefore I took his work as starting point and compiled the packages for the latest Lenny updates for the amd64. The i386 packages will follow soon.

64 bit Debian

I tried 64 bit Debian about two years ago when it was very new, and decided that I should stay with 32 bit for the time being, but recently I have been in an organizing frenzy, and thought that instead of just reinstalling the 32 bit version I should try 64 bit again.

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