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Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux triple boot

This is just a simple guide to show you how I managed to have Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux installed on the same machine, under one Grub 2 installation. And how I managed to solve a small problem I had.

EFI mode boot on Macbook3,1 with Debian

I understand EFI is somewhat buggy and what works for me might not work for you. So be careful, have a rescue disk at hand. On that topic, I should say that I could not get this to work with Debian sid’s 3.2 kernel, but 3.5 from experimental worked fine for me.

Debian undecided on method for secure boot

The Debian GNU/Linux project has yet to decide on the method whereby it will ensure that the Linux distribution it produces can boot on computers that are certified for Windows 8. Read more here

Configuring extlinux’s auto-update on Debian

On Debian or Ubuntu, if you make changes to files like /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf directly, they’ll be overwritten.So what’s a Debian user to do if she wants to customize the menus, add a splash image or boot other operating systems?

How to dual-boot Debian 6 and Windows 7

How to dual-boot Windows 7 and Debian 6 is the latest in the series of articles on dual-booting Windows 7 and Linux and BSD distributions. None has been written for a BSD distribution, but with PC-BSD 8.2 scheduled to be released early next week, expect one to be written for it.

Recover/Restore unbootable GRUB boot loader on Debian Testing GNU/Linux using Linux LiveCD (Debian Install CD1)

Thus yesterday while switching on my notebook I was unpleasently surprised with an error Grub Error 17 and the boot process was hanging before it would even get to grub’s OS select menu

Parallellizing the boot in Debian Squeeze – ready for wider testing

These days, the init.d script dependencies in Squeeze are quite complete, so complete that it is actually possible to run all the init.d scripts in parallell based on these dependencies

Starting Applications At Boot with Debian

Starting applications when you’re Debian server reboots is easy. For this example, we’re going to start on boot an application called ‘laser.’

Linux and Debian simple boot

Today I’ve been researching on Linux and Debian booting. There is an excellent article from IBM, which explains the procedure.

Installing and dual-booting Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

Now that Debian GNU/kFreeBSD is an official part of Debian, it is time to play around with the new toy. But in order to do such feat there are several issues that have to be resolved on the path to success.

Getting GRUB2 to dual boot Debian and FreeBSD

Just installed FreeBSD 8 on a spare partition of my computer. Was planning to use the Debian-installed GRUB to boot it, but when I went to edit GRUB config files they had changed beyond recognition. GRUB 2, it seems, is very different to GRUB 1

Howto create an autostartup script for Debian and Ubuntu systems

You can make one autostartup script for ubuntu(debian) easily, and put commands to be started up automatically at boot.

The future of the boot system in Debian

Over the last few years, the boot system in Debian has progressively deteriorated due to changes in the Linux kernel which make the kernel more and more event based.

Sysvinit vs. Upstart: Boot Performance for Debian and Ubuntu

Developers from Debian and Ubuntu met and discussed ways to improve boot performance at Canonical’s London headquarters.

Reinstalling grub on an unbootable Debian system

Fixing an unbootable computer after a failed grub installation can be a bit tricky. Here’s what I ended up doing.

Dual boot windows XP, 1st drive-linux Mepis 8.0 2nd drive

A friend who is learning Linux installed a larger second(primary-slave) PATA drive to continue his Linux education but insisted on leaving Windows XP on the first(primary-master) PATA drive with no alterations to any part of the Windows XP drive including the MBR or changing master/slave orientation and using remapping in Grub.

How To Customize Your Startup Routine In Debian

Every modern operating system has some sort of startup routine. Even DOS had the old AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS. The startup system defines what is launched on system startup, under what conditions, and in what order.

Preventing a service from starting on Debian or Ubuntu

I have been tending to run MySQL on my computers for the purpose of Rails app development. However, for my laptop especially, I prefer if MySQL is not started by default. I prefer to start it manually if it’s needed.

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