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HOW-TO:Compile XBMC on Debian or Ubuntu

This is a tutorial on how to compile and install XBMC on Debian or Ubuntu

Kernel 3.12 Released – Install and Compile in Debian Linux

In this case, we are going to compile a newly released Kernel 3.12, on Debian Wheezy. The newly released Kernel 3.12 has several new features, including some new drivers for the NVIDIA Optimus, and the Radeon Kernel Graphics Driver. It also offers huge improvements to the EXT4 filesystem, and some updates to XFS and Btrfs.

Compiling linux kernel on debian

Here are the steps to compile a kernel from source in debian based systems. These steps have worked successfully on debian 6.0 (linux 2.6.32) – You will need a package by the name kernel-package, which implements the commands required for compilation, hence run

Compiling Dropbox client under Debian Squeeze

I was recently invited into Dropbox cloud file sharing service by a friend of mine and as it usually happens – you can install client easy in Ubuntu and Fedora, but not in Debian. To be more precise, Dropbox ships only deb file for Ubuntu, which did not work for me, because of the depenendy […]

Compiling VLC 1.0.6 from Source on Debian Lenny 64 bit

This guide is intended as an introduction to compiling software from source, with the added benefit that the result is something very useful –an up-to-date media player– to the typical user. I have written it in a chronological form, from the moment of downloading the package up to the moment the final tests on the […]

How To Compile rTorrent From SVN In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx / Debian 5 Lenny With Coloured Interface

rTorrent is a popular command line based bittorrent client. It provides very powerful features yet it is very light on the system – contrary to other bittorrent clients like Vuze.

Compile and Install Latest VLC in Debian Lenny

This tutorial will show how to compile and install the latest VLC from source in Debian Lenny in several steps. The current version at the time of writing is VLC 1.0.1, so the tutorial should work successfully for it.

Compiling for your N900 on debian

Only snag is the pre-built version didn’t support long sms’s, so I needed to patch and re-compile. That means needing an arm cross-compiler, the build environment etc.

How To Create A .DEB Package

This article wants to be an introduction to creating .deb packages, meaning I will not get into more advanced procedures like creating a menu entry, custom configuration, explaining the rules file and so on because this how-to would have ~20 pages or so.

Compile Aria2c on Debian Linux

Aria2 is a fast download utility that you use in the Command Prompt or xterm. To compile aria2 for Linux, install the following packages.

Rebuilding Debian Packages from Source

This quickie howto will explain the steps necessary to recompile a Debian software package on the local machine from source code.

To Compile wpa_supplicant on Debian 3.1 Sarge

I was using good old Debian Linux 3.1 Sarge when I found out Sarge’s wpasupplicant couldn’t work well with ndiswrapper-supported Windows network drivers

Building Inkscape on Debian: Easy as 1, 2, 11 (ish)!

On my brand new, very cool Jolicloud installation, I needed to use Inkscape for some vector work. However, the version of Inkscape in the repositories is 0.46, which does not feature the toolbar menu

Compile And Set Up rTorrent and wTorrent In Debian 5 Lenny

The reason I am writing this post is because I tried many howto’s which didn’t work and I eventually ended up combining some to get both rtorrent and wtorrent to install and run on my Debian 5 Lenny VPN (thanks to Costin for the VPN).

Compiling nginx on debian lenny

When I first looked at how old the nginx package in the debian repo was I thought that I should compile nginx. However, I eventually managed to find a more recent repo which I will post later.

Debian Recompiling Kernel Ways

Well, do you need to recompile your kernel under Debian GNU/Linux? There are two safe ways to do it. The first method, is funny called “Debian Standard”, the second obviously is the classic method of recompiling.

Kernel Compilation – The Debian way

In this tutorial we can see how to compile and build the binary package of Linux kernel. The advantage of creating binary package is that you can install the kernel on multiple machines instead of compiling kernel in each and every machine.

My Day of Terror — Compiling Erlang on Lenny

Much encouraged by kind wizards (see Erlang — One Step Forward; Two Back; August 28, 2009; comments) I I set off this morning to compile Erlang on Reliance, my Debian Lenny workstation.

HowTo recompile Debian packages

This article will show how you can rebuild any debian package. You might need to rebuild a package for various reasons: add/remove some compilation options, make some changes to the sources, or compile a newer version from testing/sid into stable, etc.

Compile and Install Latest VLC in Debian Lenny

This tutorial will show how to compile and install the latest VLC from source in Debian Lenny in several steps. The current version at the time of writing is VLC 1.0.1, so the tutorial should work successfully for it.

How-To: Compile and Install Wine 1.1.28 in Debian Lenny

Wine 1.1.28 was released on August 21 and it comes with new features and improvements like support for IRDA protocol, faster wineprefix creation, more image formats in WindowsCodecs and various other bug fixes.

Getting started with Autotools – GNU Build System on Debian

If you eat and drink open source, chances are high that you might have downloaded an open source project code, only to see files like: aclocal.m4,,, and what not. You might have also used commands like ./configure, make etc but what are these files?

Compiling packages from source on Debian Linux

In this post we will learn how to build a Debian package (.deb) from source packages. You might be thinking why would I ever need to do that, right? Well most of the times you are right, you won’t require to build packages from source, but there will be situations sometimes when you will be […]

Patching Apache on Debian

This short guide shows you how to get the source, patch and compile Apache for Debian.

How To Compile virt-df, virt-top, virt-mem & virt-ctrl On Debian Lenny

This short guide explains how you can build virt-df, virt-top, virt-mem and virt-ctrl from the sources on a Debian Lenny system. These tools are currently available for Fedora in binary format.

Building a Debian Package from Source

From time to time, you may have needed or wanted a package that wasn’t int he Debian repositories. Well, no need to worry. Here is a simple way to create a Debian Package from the Source files.

How-To: Compile and Install GIMP 2.6.6 in Debian Lenny

The latest stable series, 2.6.x, include several UI improvements, new filters, and the introduction of the GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) framework. Although the version which comes with Debian Lenny (2.4.7) is stable enough and full-featured, if you want the latest release you can easily compile your own version by following the steps below.

How-To: Compile and Install VLC 0.9.8 from Source in Debian Lenny

The version which comes included in the Debian Lenny repositories is 0.8.6h, which uses the wxWidgets kit and it is kind of outdated now. The latest release of VLC is 0.9.8a, which is now built in Qt 4 and includes several improvements over the 0.8.x series.

How-To: Install the Latest Wine Release in Debian Lenny

Debian Lenny comes with Wine 1.0.1 included in the repositories, which is the stable release of Wine, but it is also a little outdated. Here are a few easy steps for compiling and installing the latest Wine release from source in Debian Lenny.

How-To: Compile and Install Wesnoth 1.6 from Source in Debian Lenny and Ubuntu 8.10

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free turn-based strategy game licensed under the GPL. After over one year of constant development, a new stable version, 1.6, was released on March 22, 2009, featuring many graphics and gameplay improvements.

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