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bits from the DPL: RFH, comm., derivatives, delegates, newbies

Hello world, time for another “bits” mail. [ As a rule of thumb, I’ll keep out of bits mail (too) boring stuff, so I remind everybody that there’s a daily activity log on master:/srv/leader/news/bits-from-the-DPL.txt where the boring stuff can be found; some documentation at ]

Debian Project News – May 18th, 2010

Welcome to this year’s third issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * DebConf10 update * Squeeze freeze * Debian-Ubuntu relationship * Debian installation media and non-free firmware * … and much more.

Misc Developer News (#22)

In this issue: + LWN subscriptions + + TXT records on + Debian Sysadmin Team seeks for help + Receive Ubuntu bugs by mail via PTS

New DMUP version 1.1.2

Hi, the Debian System Debian Administration Team hereby announces an updated version of the Debian Machine Usage Policies (DMUP). It will become effective on July 04th, 2010 and is then the binding version.

Bits from the NM process: advocacy messages

Hello, after some recent debian-newmaint and IRC conversation, it makes sense to post a quick note about advocacy messages.

Release update: transitions status and freeze, RC-bugs

Hi, This is the next in a (hopefully more frequent) series of updates from the Release Team.

delegation for the Debian auditor

I’m happy to announce that we have a new victim^W enthusiastic volunteer for the Debian auditor role, which is currently vacant.

delegation for the DSA team

I’ve been asked to clarify the delegation for the DSA team, so here it goes. First it comes the formal delegation text (between full-length dashed-lines), then a few informal comments.

Bits from the 3nd Debian Groupware Meeting

As last year the Debian Groupware Meeting was held in the LinuxHotel, Essen, Germany[1]. This is a short summary what happened during the weekend:

bits from the (newbie) DPL

Hello, world!, 48 hours into this new DPL term, here are my first ever “bits from the DPL” with kudos, directions, and some practical information.

mips / mipsel buildd status update

Hi, to keep you informed on the mips* buildd status: Prior to the breakage of ftp-master things looked pretty well. Mipsel had not only no backlog, but enough spare cycles to start building experimental packages.

New archive snapshot service available

The Debian project is proud to announce a new service, available at, a wayback machine that allows access to old packages based on dates and version numbers.

New mips porterbox available

Hi, I am pleased to inform you that we have a new powerful mips porterbox available. It is a Movidis Revolution x16 box, called Movidis donated four of those boxes, so two or three of them will run as buildd and one as porter box.

Bits from the Release Team: Scheduling, transitions, how to help

Hi, As promised, here’s an update from the Release Team. After we spoke with several teams recently, we have tried to come up with a plan for the upcoming transitions, freeze and release of Debian Squeeze.

Bits from the dpkg team

Hi! There’s been no general information about dpkg since Scott handed over dpkg maintenance to the new team. There’s been several announcements about specific features during this period though, the contents of which will be skipped here.

Bits from the New Maintainer process

Hello, Some time has passed since the last news from the New Maintainer process[1]. Several DD accounts are about to become 6 months old, which qualifies for becoming Application Managers should one wish to do so. Older accounts are also accepted.

RFH: DebConf 10 Travel Sponsorship Team

In the spirit of openness, the DebConf 10 Organizers are soliciting volunteers for the DebConf 10 Travel Sponsorship team.

Bits from the Release Team: What should go into squeeze?

Dear fellow developers, we all want to get out squeeze as soon as possible. Currently we are still at 400 bugs concerning the next stable release, with 300 of them not yet fixed in unstable.

New cdbuilder server improves Debian infrastructure

New cdbuilder server improves Debian infrastructure. Today, the Debian project administrators are activating a new cdbuilder server. The server computes the official Debian ISO images once all software packages are ready for a new Debian release.

Bits from an FTP Master: New team member, need more volunteers, (kind of) todo list

Hello everyone, I thought it was time again to send a mail to d-d-a, and looking for an excuse, I found the ftpteam.

Report from this years CeBIT, Linux New Media Award nearly won ;)

Hi! We were again given the opportunity to represent the Debian Project at this years’ CeBIT, one of biggest IT-related exhibitions, which took place last week in Hanover, Germany.

Misc developer news (#21)

In this issue: + DEHS, watching 10 000 packages + Conversion of source packages to 3.0 (quilt/native) + DEHS now supports format 3.0 source packages + userdir-ldap mail gateway updated + piuparts.d.o

Spanish DebConf 9-11 Abril, Coruña and Debian Work Session

Hola! I am happy to announce that we will be holding another edition of DudesConf a.k.a. debconf-es, the weekend 9-11 April in Coruña, Spain.

Bits from the Stable Release Team

As you’re probably aware, we recently released the latest point release of the stable distribtion, lenny, as 5.0.4. We thought this would be a good opportunity to reiterate and clarify a few aspects of point releases and stable updates.

Bits from the release team: Release schedule; the RT needs YOU

We hoped to freeze in March, but the current number of RC bugs makes this highly unlikely. From our experiences with previous release cycles, we wish to freeze only after the number of these bugs has dropped below the mark of 300

Debian policy update (

Dear developers, Debian policy has been uploaded today with the following changes…

Misc developer news (#20)

In this issue: + Notification of failed builds + Integration of experimental, non-free,, debian-edu and volatile into the official autobuilding infrastructure + Unification of buildd software + Browse WNPP bugs based on debtags + Multiple CSS skins disabled on the PTS …

Changes for Squeeze in Debian Installer

Normally an overview of changes is given when a new version of Debian Installer is released. However, a release has been in preparation for something like the past six months and it is currently unclear whether one will happen before or after the next ice age.

Bits from the NM people

Hello world, during this weekend FD/DAM had a meeting in Essen to discuss various things and issues around the New Maintainer process.

Bits from the release team: Planning, request for help

Release planning: Proposing a new freeze date is not easy. Taking into account all of the feedback we have received, both online (by e-mail, IRC) as well as in person, and some challenging release goals we have set for ourselves, we propose freezing in March 2010.

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