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Misc developer news (#18)

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First Debian Mini Conference to be held in Taiwan

The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian Linux operating system, proudly announces the first Debian Mini Conference in Taiwan which takes place 26th-27th September at Technology Building, Taipei City, Taiwan(R.O.C.) during International Conference on Open Source(ICOS) 2009 [1].

Release Team, BTS, and debian-release@ policy.

To help with the tracking of the numerous issues the Release Team has to deal with, we decided to make use of the pseudo-package on the BTS[1]. It will help us to avoid missing requests, which sadly happens a bit too often for our taste.

Bits from the GRUB maintainers

Hi, As you may have noticed, upgrades of the GRUB Legacy package (`grub’) in unstable have begun using GRUB 2 (`grub-pc’ package) as upgradepath.

Changes to Debian Maintainers handling

Hi, during DebConf9 the Debian Keyring Maintainers, the “Debian Maintainer Keyring Team” and FTPMaster discussed the maintenance of the extra debian-maintainers keyring. The conclusion was that the maintenance of the keyring is handed over to the Debian Keyring maintainers, while the policy (add/remove/change) is kept with the DM Keyring team.

Bits from the release team: Release goals, schedule, state of the union

Heya, This mail should be the first in a row of roughly monthly mails informing the project about the state of the release. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on whenever you have questions.

Bits from Debian Pure Blends

Hi, here are some bits from Debian Pure Blends [0]:

Misc developer news (#17)

In this issue: + PTS news: accessibility, piuparts, l10n + (and its webwml repo) moved to Alioth + Git user’s survey 2009 + New source formats + New mailing list debian-user-dutch


What is It is an unofficial news website where you can read and submit news about what is going on in the Debian project…. With the project growing over the years, every day we generate interesting bits about our project that are nice to know, but it is not always so important that it […]

Debian Day 2009

Hello, Now there is a wiki page for listing the Debian Day 2009 events. Please, list, link, and announce the page availability for your local user group. (aka oldpeople.d.o) about to be shut down

Hi, we are re-purposing (formerly as a new security mirror to be shipped to Australia. Therefore the you have all come to love and depend upon will cease to exist in the near future.

Debian policy update (

Dear developers, Debian policy has been uploaded today with the following changes…

Misc developer news (#16)

In this issue: + GCC 4.4 related build failures tracked in the BTS + Debian is switching to EGLIBC + Debian Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) mailing list + New upload queue for European Developers + Updates of LXDE

Debian Archive Signing Key to be changed

Debian Archive Signing Key to be changed. The Debian Project wishes to announce the change of the GNU Privacy Guard key used to digitaly sign its archive reference files. Signatures are used to ensure that packages installed by users are the very same originally distributed by Debian, and have not been exchanged or tempered with.

Bits from the Eee PC team, Spring 2009

We’re pleased that Lenny released with good support for the Eee PC and are now turning our efforts to make Squeeze even better, while continuing to provide support for our Lenny user base.

Return of unversioned boost -dev packages (boost-defaults)

Hello, I’m pleased to announce the upload of boost-defaults, a new package that supplies unversioned -dev packages for Boost (libboost-dev, etc.) that simply depend on the current “default” Boost version (today, it is Boost 1.38.0).

Debian Switching From Glibc To Eglibc

Aurelien Jarno has just uploaded a fork of glibc called eglibc, which is targeted at embedded systems and is source- and binary-compatible with glibc.

Misc developer news (#15)

In this issue: + Updates of major desktop environments + Alioth updated to lenny and FusionForge 4.7 + migrated to MoinMoin 1.7 + Tidbits from the wanna-build team + RFH: Removing spam from the listarchive + Groupware discussion list

Linux-libre for Debian Lenny

Hi, As you probably know, back in December last year it was decided [1] that the Linux package shipped with Debian Lenny would include non-free code in it (so-called “blobs” of binary-only firmware).

Bits from the 2nd Debian Groupware Meeting

As last year the Debian Groupware Meeting was held in the LinuxHotel, Essen, Germany[1]. This is a short summary what happened during the weekend:

DebConf8 final report / deadline reminders

Hello, world. Amidst the preparations for the upcoming DebConf in Spain, the organisers of last year’s DebConf in Argentina have put the finishing touches on the final report.

DebConf9 registration, CfP & visa help deadlines approaching

Hi, Hurry up! It’s only six days left for registering your attendance at DebConf9 in Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain, from July 23 to 30, 2009.

Bits from the Debian Installer team

After the release of Lenny, for which the Debian Installer team felt proud for being a part of the technical success….but also guilty for being one of the release delay factors, the team felt the need to virtually sit down and discuss about our future, organization and technical challenges for the Lenny->Squeeze release cycle.

Last push for the ffmpeg, libraw1394 and directfb transitions

Hello,We’ve ended up with some transitions in unstable that can’t be uncoupled despite our efforts.¹ The good news is that the biggest of these sets is almost ready to migrate, which means it’s time to temporarily block uploads of the involved packages to ensure that we’ll be able to push the lot to testing once […]

Section changes in the archive

Hello world, As Lenny is finally released, and we are early in the cycle for squeeze, now is the best time to do some long-needed changes to our archive. Much of what we are currently doing is not visible to you as a user of the archive, but this change is.

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