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Debian, Ubuntu patching up rocky romance

Many things are afoot in the Debian world: ideas to reduce distro complexity and developer feedback cycle time; the embrace of the rise of ARM; and more TLC between Debian and its derivatives.

delegation for the summer of code admins

Dear project members, Google Summer of Code program (GSoC) 2012 has been announced last week-end during FOSDEM [1,2]. Debian is going to apply for participation as we did in the past. I’m glad to inform you that we have again volunteers as (co-)admins for Debian participation: Ana Guerrero, Gergely Nagy, and Sukhbir Singh. Many thanks […]

Debian packaging for beginners @ FOSDEM

After not attending FOSDEM for a few years, this year I decided to attend and also give a talk about “Debian packaging for beginners”, a replay of a talk given by Gergely Nagy in Debconf11. As the per distribution devrooms were replaced a few years ago with the cross-distributions rooms, I thought it might be […]

Meet Debian at FOSDEM 2012

The Debian Project is happy to announce that as in previous years it will be represented at this year’s Free and Open Source Developer’s European Meeting (FOSDEM) in Brussels, Belgium on the 4th-5th February. Debian will be present with a booth in the K building, ground floor, members of the project will be available for […]

FOSDEM 2012: 2nd call for talks

Hello World, I’ve announced a call for talks on this list a while back[1], but so far there hasn’t been much response to that, so here’s a second call for talks:

Perl6 (aka rakudo) is available on Debian

Thanks to Gabor Szabo for the Perl6 talk he gave at FOSDEM. His talk made me think: “Why the hell don’t we have rakudo on Debian ?”. So I stepped up, pushed to get a recent parrot package, ghedo and I created a pkg-rakudo team on Alioth, and we updated the old rakudo package done […]

FOSDEM 2011, second CfT

At the end of September, I called for talk submissions for the FOSDEM 2011 distributions miniconf. Unfortunately, to date, the number of submissions (from Debian and other distributions alike) has been abysmally low. It would be a shame if the two rooms which the miniconf was assigned for two days would be mostly unused.

FOSDEM 2011 call for talks

Hello World, Debian has been a constant presence at FOSDEM for the past few years, and this year will be no different.

FOSDEM 10 videos now available

Video recordings from the Distribution Developer Rooms at FOSDEM 10 arenow available at . All but two talks were recorded and are available in Ogg Theora+Vorbis format, in low-bandwidth (~300 kbit/s) and high-bandwidth (~1.5 Mbit/s) versions.


Hello World, Those of you who’ve been reading the -events-eu mailinglist will alreadyknow this, but for those of you who don’t: Debian (or any other Linux distribution, for that matter) will not receive a devroom at the next FOSDEM.

FOSDEM videos released

In a nice coincedence with the release of Lenny (cheers!!1), the [1 low-quality versions] of the videos from the [2 Debian DevRoom] at FOSDEM 2009 are available now! * Better quality versions will be encoded and uploaded by Ben over the next days. I’d also like to collect the slides from the talks there, so […]

Ultimate Debian Database talk at FOSDEM

Of course, I was in Brussels this week-end, for FOSDEM. I gave a talk about Ultimate Debian Database (slides here) in the Debian devroom. The conclusion was “UDD is ready, go play with it!” so you know what you should do now!

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