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Install debian lenny on yeeloong 8089/8101

Yesterday I installed the debian lenny on yeeloong 8101, the 10.1 inch notebook based on loongson 2F CPU for a friend. Then I find there is less English document describing how to do this.

HOWTO Install Debian on an Sun LX50

While browsing through my backups, I also found this note from a former colleague of mine. I had a grin while reading. Im posting it though while maybe, out there, there are some lucky ones still owning an FKA Sun Microsystems’ LX50

Installing Debian Squeeze (with dist-upgrade from Lenny) on Dell XPS 630i

I wanted to do a fresh install using an install CD for Squeeze, but unfortunately I had a couple problems that I couldn’t solve, so I decided to get a netinst (or businesscard) installer for Lenny and do dist-upgrade as soon as the basic system is working.

How to Install Debian Linux on an Embedded System (PPC440EPx)

In this article, I will describe how to bring up Debian Linux on an Embedded System. 
The hardware chosen for the embedded system is a PowerPC 440EPxX.

Installing Debian via USB

Last night, I wanted to see if I could get Debian Squeeze loaded on my HP Mini 110, so I set out to accomplish the task, and accomplish it I did. As with most netboks, this HP doesn’t ship with a CDROM

Debian Console, Framebuffer, Grub2

After a fresh install of Debian the boot up screen looks really ugly. Here are few things you can do to beautify it up. These apply if you use Grub2.

Experiences moving to a Debian 1U server

I decided to go with a standardized server rack so that I could locate my (future) switches, servers and other components in one place – namely a closet. I’ve ordered a 13U table top/wall relay rack from Primespec,

Booting Debian on NexusOne with X11/Wifi from SD card.

This is a method to boot into Debian via fastboot on the nexus one from your SD-card. This is NOT a chroot Debian image, it is honest to goodness Debian running directly on the hardware

Debian Linux on the Toshiba Libretto 100ct

I like to tinker with computers, and I wanted a machine that I could use to experiment with a full installation of Linux. I also wanted to restrict myself to a command line interface only to internalize the use on the console.

Debian Minimal – Xorg

It has always seemed strange to me that when installing X on a minimal Debian installation that it wants to pull in drivers for ALL the video cards that have ever existed.

Hi Debian, welcome to 1904

I was about to curse Debian for no-longer caring about PPC and then it hit me. Check the date of the machine. Yes, sir, it was 3rd January 1904 – as far as Debian was concerned, the keys were well and truly invalid.

Still very cool: Debian floppy install

Say what you like about Debian or Ubuntu, but I think the floppy installation option was the coolest thing ever

Debian on the Lenovo X60T tablet PC

I originally intended to write a really long howto which amassed information from several other howtos and my own experimentation, but I was short on time, and the notes I made were sparse to say the least. So this post will only include small bits and pieces of unsorted information.

Installing Debian on a Sun Fire X2200 M2

This works pretty easily, but there’s isn’t much information about how this works if you don’t like using a keyboard and a screen (having these things appears to be the norm for x86 hardware).

Installing Debian Testing “Squeeze”

This is the first time after a lot of years that I am installing Debian from scratch on my system, before this the last Debian version I installed from base was version 3.

Install .rpm Files in Debian and Ubuntu

Some time you might find some applications are having only .rpm files but you want a .deb package for your debian,Ubuntu and other debian derived ditributions.

Installing Debian on a ThinkPad X200

The X200 has no cd/dvd but can boot from USB. On the X200 BIOS settings, the USB disk boot option needed to be raised to be used first. Using F1 at boot gives access to the BIOS.

Debian Lenny on New-Old Laptop, etc.

After having issues with X crashing in PCLOS Zen Mini, I decided to find something a bit more stable. For me, that more often than not means Debian, a RedHat clone, Slackware, or one of the BSDs. I opted for Debian Lenny via net install.

Ubuntu and Debian Installation Fun

The Debian 5.0.3 server install for my Dell 2850 proved to be less frustrating – but not without hiccups.

The Debian Installer – The Most Flexible Linux Installer

I used to think that the openSUSE installer was the most flexible Linux installer, with Anaconda running a close second, but I think I’m going to at least put the Debian installer in a 2-way tie for first with openSUSE.

Building a 15W Debian GNU/Linux system

Recently I managed to find out that there is a new chipset out there, the Intel i945GSE, which runs at about 11W TDP, including the soldered-on-board N270 atom cpu. And I convinced myself that this could get my new homeserver.

Installing Debian 5

In this video tutorial I will show you how to install Debian 5.0 aka Lenny from netinst CD.

Installing Debian Lenny

After using almost ~14 months, i left my laptop aside. to dust and dirt to build in. i hardly use it for any important work for i couldn’t get a good linux distribution to run on it.

Debian PPC on PowerBook G4: Touchpad and CD-ROM problems

I downloaded the stable 5.0.2 DVD image, burned it onto a DVD from my Mac and it booted without incident and I was able to go through the entire installation without fail.

How-To: Download Debian CDs/DVDs Using jigdo

This guide will show how to download ISO images (CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray) using jigdo, a specific protocol intended to be the main way to download Debian disc images.

Debian Lenny Desktop Install with XFCE 4.6

With some patience and reading lots of tutorials I had three stable and some-what up-to-date Lenny systems running using some third party repositories for apt-get. When I got home, I decided to install Lenny on my desktop and document the process.

Installing Debian Lenny from a USB stick with Windows.

I recently purchased an Acer Aspire REVO for the purposes of a Development server that I can keep running 24/7 without the fear of racking up electricity bills. The trouble is, it has no cd-rom, so I set about looking to install from a USB disk.

How to Automate a Scripted Installation of Debian Lenny with Deployment Solution 6.9

Requirements: Altiris Deployment Solution 6.8 sp2 or above. Web server (Apache or IIS, although the latter may have some issue publishing *.cfg files). preseed.cfg file (Debian answer file see example at the end of the document)

Installing a Reluctant Network Card on Debian

I was having some trouble installing a network card on my home server. It wasn’t being autodetected. I’m weak on Linux hardware stuff, and networking in particular (since it’s always *just worked*), so this was starting from scratch.

Remote install of Debian overtop of RedHat

A very long time ago I leased some server space that had RedHat and I wanted Debian. So I did a remote install using the /swap partition as a / partition. I thought the notes were lost, but I found them. I include them here for historical (hysterical?) purposes only.

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