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Etch for Old Hardware

The pool of usable Linux distros for older hardware is shrinking. For at least the rest of this year, it appears you can still install Etch and make it work well. Everyone has their own ideals, and I’m quite sure you can find fault with mine.

Install Debian GNU/Linux under an existing linux

Install Debian GNU/Linux under an existing Unix-like system VIA chroot and debootstrap. I should say the new debian GNU/Linux LENNY is an excellent platform to meet various users’ needs.

Debian installation

Now of ALL the different distros of Linux out there, why did I chose Debian? First, it came highly recommended by someone who is quite knowledgeable in the area of Linux and is one of my greatest sources of all Linux knowledge these days. But also because of it’s ease of use.

Debian Lenny AMD64 Install Tutorial

A small graphical tutorial to the newest member of the debian family. A net install images was downloaded and burned to a DISC.

HOWTO remotely install debian over gentoo without physical access

One Saturday night while chatting at IRC (what else could we be doing on saturday night ??) we had an inspiration, why not install Debian remotely, without taking the server home.

How to Install Damn Small Linux on a USB Card

For computer users that prefer to run in a Linux operating system to do their computing it is possible to carry your own bootable Linux operating system on your USB Card or drive that will start on any computer that can boot from a USB device

How-To: Debian Lenny Minimal Installation

Debian Lenny comes with KDE 3.5.10 and GNOME 2.22, and will install by default the entire GNOME desktop environment and the X Window System. This means many applications which you may never use will also be installed, so here is a solution in order to get only a basic system and then install only the […]

Absence of a General Purpose installable CD or DVD Media – a Debian Delirium

Debian is the best, most stable, and the biggest community distro! No doubt about it. I liked its latest, Lenny very much. But all the way from downloading it and installing was not a joyride.

Debian Lenny Minimal Desktop

After you have read my post on minimal install of Debian, you may want something more than the command line, i.e. a minimal desktop.

Installing Mepis 8

I am writing this tutorial because I have received feedback from people I have recommended Mepis 8 to that the step where partitioning is done or partitions are selected during the install is not clear. Also, I have seen questions about upgrading an existing Mepis installation or reinstalling to fix a broken installation. I will […]

Full Debian “Lenny” on an RB433AH board

I have developed a nice technique for transforming an RB433AH board ( into a full blown Debian MIPS system for easy development.

Lenny lights up old laptop

DeviceGuru has posted notes from installing Debian’s Lenny distribution on an older ThinkPad notebook with a 600MHz Pentium III processor. The story includes suggestions about tuning Lenny’s default GNOME UI with a custom launcher dock, and “real” versions of Firefox and Thunderbird.

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