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IPv6 support in debian-installer, take 2

The IPv6 patch set for netcfg (part of debian-installer) has landed in Debian unstable. In follow-up uploads I diverged from the Ubuntu patch set a little bit..

IPv6 support in debian-installer

I tried to continue netcfg’s journey to support IPv6 in debian-installer. Matt Palmer wrote a large patch set many moons ago (kudos!) and Colin Watson polished it and included it into Ubuntu. The reason for it not being merged into Debian first was ifupdown. Version 0.7 finally supports IPv6 and only entered Debian unstable by […]

Connecting to IPv6 with Debian and AARNet

I’m writing this article because the IPv4 address pool is now depleted and this year will be vital for IPv6 adoption. So far my ISP Exetel has not implemented IPv6 in any form, although they have been allocated address space.

Using IPv6 On Debian Etch

This document describes how you can configure a Debian Etch system for IPv6 so that a) it can connect to other IPv6 hosts and b) other IPv6 hosts can connect to it.

Disable IPv6 The Right (Debian) Way

With the native implementation in modern operating systems and software, IPv6 support has grown in recent years; however, the existing infrastructure just isn’t ready. As a result, a number of applications behave as though an IPv6 network is available, which not only wastes CPU cycles, but can also decrease application response time.

ipv6 with debian

ipv6 is about ten years old, and it is well and largely supported by most operating systems. So, coming back to Debian, if you want to enable ipv6 in your machines, here’s how to…

Disable ipv6 on Debian

After searching over the net, most people seemed to suggest that Debian (for some reason) defaults to ipv6 and apparently when its ipv6 requests don’t resolved properly it falls back to ipv4

Disabling IPV6 on Debian

If you don’t use ivp6 for anything and your ISP doesn’t support it theres not much of a need to have it enabled. To disable it we need to edit /etc/modprobe.d/aliases

Disable IPV6 on Debian Lenny (quick howto)

Here’s a very quick howto on disabling IPV6 on Debian (Lenny), this is not a new argument and neither an unknown solution, it’s just how to disable IPV6 on Debian with less impact as possible on your machine config in “the debian way”.

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