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Debian 7: A So-So Distro Not Worth Switching For

Debian may be a granddaddy in the Linux world, but the latest version of the software isn’t much to look at. Debian 7, dubbed ‘Wheezy,’ is about as exciting as its name is unattractive, and it’s certainly not a showcase for the latest distro developments. To be kind, this latest Debian Linux release has little […]

Debian Linux 7.0 Wheezy: Hands on

I have fallen behind on the Distro Deluge of new Linux releases, because I was traveling in the US for three weeks. The good news in that is that I took my two Acer Aspire One systems with me (725 and 522), and both performed extremely well during the trip.

Debian 7.0 Wheezy Review

Debian is the granddaddy of Linux distros, it forms the basis for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and many other desktop linux distros. Yet many folks who are new to Linux might not even have heard of Debian. This is a shame because it has quite a lot to offer in its own right, aside from everything […]

Debian 7.0 ‘Wheezy’ Review

When a Debian release is declared stable, it’s very exciting. Debian can be used for many different purposes. Hence it’s own tag-line ‘The Universal Operating System’. It can be run as a server, a desktop system or be used as a core for other distributions to base their own operating system.

Debian 7.0 Wheezy: Hands on with a pre-release build

I decided to take one last look at a pre-release build. My intention was to see how it looks and works in general, how it gets on with installation on various systems of mine, and whether and how it is working with GPT partitioning, UEFI BIOS, and Secure Boot.

Debian review

With several other distributions effectively based on the Debian system, it’s fair to say that it’s an important distro. In fact, as Linux distributions go, it’s positively stately; a grandaddy among open source upstarts.

Debian Wheezy Pre-Review

Debian, my favorite OS, is frozen and on schedule to make another stable release, Wheezy, within the next few months. I’ve installed Wheezy on my “new” Thinkpad T420 and got some interesting results to report, particularly on idle power consumption (battery life). But let me build up to that.

My week with Debian

I’ve long been a fan of Debian-based Linux OSes in general, and Ubuntu in particular. However, my disaffection with Ubuntu’s new Unity desktop had left me yearning for a suitable alternative. Finally last week, I removed Ubuntu 11.10 from my primary desktop computer and substituted the Linux Mint project’s latest Debian implementation: LMDE 201204. What […]

Debian 6 Squeeze review – nearly, but not quite…

Debian Squeeze lives up to its name as the “universal operating system”: with the big number of supported architectures, the experimental FreeBSD architecture and its completely free kernel, this distribution keeps standing out from the crowd. It’s not plain sailing, though, as Koen Vervloesem discovers…

Debian 6 Squeeze: Not Good

Apart from RedHat 6, Debian 6 was the most awaited thing since Polio vaccine. It took ages to brew, and when it flowed, it was … well. You will discover that in today’s review. As always, I’ll give you a human perspective on what is ultimately the geekdom singularity, the one distro that is holier […]

Debian 6.0 “Squeeze”: What’s New?

While the Debian 6 release was accompanied by much less buzz and fanfare than the previous release, “Lenny”, Debian 6 does come with gigatons of new features. Let’s have a look at it all, in this LFY-exclusive review of Debian 6.0.

Debian 6 Has A Few Rough Spots: Review

Version 6 of Debian GNU/Linux, the popular open-source project that bills itself as “the universal operating system,” hit the Internet on ‘Superbowl Sunday’, packing a trove of updated applications and a pair of new editions to burnish its universal billing.

A response to DistroWatch “Introducing Debian GNU/Linux 6.0”

The 8th DistroWatch Weekly of 2011 feature article, “Introducing Debian GNU/Linux 6.0”, comes in as a qualified success for Debian…..All well and good, let’s explore some of Mr. Smith’s comments in light of my own rather long history of using Debian.

Debian 6: First Impressions

Did Debian have a contest to redesign its graphics and it wasn’t made public? Did a third grader win that contest? Other than the graphical goofs, Debian 6 is Debian and that’s a good thing.

Debian 6: Have your Debian and eat your Ubuntu too

Debian 6 – and arguably its predecessor as well – is no more difficult to install than Ubuntu and it “just works” right out of the box on every piece of hardware I’ve tested it on. Given the wide range of hardware support Debian boasts – ARM, PowerPC, Itanium, IBM S/390, along with the usual […]

Debian 6 Offers Updated Applications, Few Rough Spots

This latest release, which is also known by the Toy Story-inspired name “Squeeze,” will play well in server deployments that draw on open-source components, which the Debian project has a knack for packaging up for easy installation over one of the project’s repository mirror sites.

Debian 6 Squeeze

It wasn’t too long ago that I did a very late review of Debian 5. I’m happy to say that it didn’t take me nearly as long to get around to the latest release, Debian 6 Squeeze. If you aren’t familiar with Debian then this release is a great chance to learn about a distro […]

Sweet Six: Falling In Love With Debian, Again

The release of Debian 6 brought back those good ol’ days of Linux-Fun. Debian 6 also reminded me why I ditched Windows and Mac and moved to GNU/Linux – freedom. Installing Debian also proved that I don’t have to worry about any proprietary hardware running on my machine, if there is any it is opening […]

Debian 6.0: Stability and Power to the People

Debian official releases are more rare than releases of other distributions, but tend to matter less to users. Judging by the second release candidate, Debian 6.0 will be no exception. In other words, the new release should deliver the usual ultra-reliability, and serve as a solid basis not only for Debian itself, but also the […]

Debian Squeeze 6.0 installation screen shots and review

Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” is about to be released, in fact some days ago, the Release Candidate 1, has been published, you can read about that here. In this post, I will show, the screenshots of the Graphical installer. Well, I’m going to fast, better start from the beginning.

Debian GNU/Linux 5 “lenny” [Review]

Debian is one of the most prominent and old releases of all Linux distros, which differs a lot in it’s release cycles. While Fedora is gearing up for its 14th release in 7 years, Debian has had as few as five releases in its nearly 17-year history. Debian developers have traditionally gone for a feature-based […]

Debian Reviews > Debian 5

I’ve written a lot of reviews of distros based on Debian, but never a review of Debian itself. So this time around I decided to look at Debian 5 (Lenny). Debian, if you aren’t familiar with it, is the rock upon which popular distributions like Ubuntu and MEPIS are built on.

Review: Debian Live CD v504

Trying out the Live Cd of Debian has been something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m a big fan of the Debian project an have use Stable and Testing on machines before and have always been satisfied

Dedo Does Debian – Review

Debian is one of the more important Linux distributions. Without Debian, we would probably not have Ubuntu or APT and Linux desktop would still be a dream. And it just happens that I never gave it a proper review, until now.

SimplyMEPIS Linux 8.0

Certain distributions tend to get more press than others. SimplyMEPIS isn’t one of the ones that gets drooled over by the media the way that Linux Mint, Ubuntu and others do.

Review: SimplyMepis 8.0

SimplyMepis, or Mepis for short, is a distribution targeted towards new users that has the intended goal of providing a good distribution that is easy to use. Version 7.0, which was my first experience with Mepis was pretty good. But past success means little if the newer version doesn’t deliver. So let’s see how SimplyMepis […]

MEPIS – Simply MEPIS 8 review

One of the further well-liked Linux distributions, but not one that’s offering much of a risk to Ubuntu in terms of fame, Simply MEPIS however has a great deal to mention it. It’s the community edition of the MEPIS distribution, and right from the start it sparkle with viable luster.

Mepis 8.0 Linux – Review and Screenshots

Mepis 8.0 Linux is a Linux distro designed for ease of use and suitable even for beginners. Mepis is built on Debian 5.0 stable core with the 2.6.27 Linux kernel and comes in a 32bit and 64bit version.

Mepis 8.0 Linux – Review and Screenshots

Mepis 8.0 Linux is a Linux distro designed for ease of use and suitable even for beginners. Mepis is built on Debian 5.0 stable core with the 2.6.27 Linux kernel and comes in a 32bit and 64bit version.

Operating systems offer some gains

If only life were so simple for the operating systems that run our computers. Let’s start with Linux, or more precisely, SimplyMEPIS Linux.

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