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bits from the DPL: March-April 2013

Dear Project Members,”Now that I have your attention, I would like to make the following delegations:” … nah, scrap that. In my last day in office I first of all owe you a report of DPL activities for the last reporting period of this term, i.e. March 8th until today. Here it is!

bits from the DPL: January 2013

[ insert here: “I’ve been to FOSDEM”, “I got a nasty flu”, and other $lame_excuses for the delay in sending out this report ] Dear Project Members, here’s the monthly DPL activity report, this time for January 2013.

bits from the DPL: December 2012

Dear Project Members, happy new year! Here goes another report of DPL activities, this time for December 2012. This issue of the DPL-monthly is skinnier than usual: during the past month I’ve been struck by the catastrophe also known as “family holiday season”, enjoying a solid 10 day break from computer-related activities.

bits from the DPL: September 2012

Heya, here is the periodic report of DPL activities, this time related to September 2012 (posted here with some delay, as I’ve been traveling oversea on behalf of Debian for the past few days).

bits from the DPL: August 2012

Dear project members, August has been a month with a good deal of vacations for many of us, including yours truly. Therefore the monthly report of DPL activities will be briefer than usual. Which is good, as it’ll leave all my readers more time to do NMUs and fix RC bugs!

bits from the DPL: July 2012

Tip to feel good about the release #476: *before* reading this, grab and fix one of the [RC bugs affecting Wheezy][1]. Done? Now you’re ready for a slightly less exciting report of DPL activities.

Debian’s new draft trademark policy

If you’ve ever stumbled upon , you might be aware that, as a project, we’ve been working on a proper trademark policy since quite a while.

Zacchiroli: working with FSF on Debian Free-ness assessment

I think we should either get Debian in FSF [free-distros list][1], or document (from our POV) why Debian is not there. I’m looking for Debian volunteers interested in the topic and willing to participate in a joint Debian / FSF team that will work toward that goal without prejudices

bits from the DPL: June 2012

Howdy from DebConf12. It’s hot, but it’s also time to bother you again with a (not so) brief DPL activity report, this time for June 2012.

Debian project leader Stefano Zacchiroli and the controversy over Debian Multimedia

The more interesting bits this month include a controversy over duplication between the Debian Multimedia archive and Debian proper. Stefano suggests that what package belongs where be worked out, or that Debian Multimedia shed its Debian name and move on.

(overlapping) bits from the DPL: April 2012

Dear project members, last bits of the past DPL term and first bits of the current term, all in one. Here is a report of what has happened in DPL land last April.

Zacchiroli re-elected Debian leader

This is the first time the project has had a leader for so long, apart from the time when its founder Ian Murdock was in charge from August 1993 till March 1996,

(deferred) bits from the DPL: March 2012

Dear project members, here is my monthly DPL activity report, this time for last March. It is delayed by a couple of weeks because, myself being both incumbent and candidate DPL, I preferred not to use d-d-a during the voting period unless really needed. Apologies for the delay (or the unneeded paranoia, you name it).

The Debian Project reelects Stefano Zacchiroli as Project Leader

In accordance with its constitution [1], the Debian Project has just reelected Stefano Zacchiroli for a third year as Debian Project Leader. More than 80% of voters put him as their first choice (or equal first) on their ballot papers. This is the first time in the history of the project that a candidate wins […]

bits from the DPL for July 2011

Dear Developers, here is a report of DPL activities for July 2011. I apologize for the embarrassing delay, but I’ve been away, shamelessly on vacation, for the first half of August. On the bright side, this delay means that very soon you will re-hear back from me for a report about August, happy?

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