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Linux Leaders: Debian and Ubuntu Derivative Distros

By any standard, Debian is the most influential Linux distribution ever. Not everyone uses Debian, but, both alone and second hand through Ubuntu, it is the source of more derivative distributions than any other.

Quick Look at Exaile & Installation in Ubuntu and Debian

Exaile is a pretty decent music player for GNOME written in PyGTK which comes with features like tabbed playlists, lyrics fetching, radio support, file browser, support for dynamic and smart playlists, cover support, 10-band equalizer and more.

The new Debian Linux: Irrelevant?

Once upon a time, a new Debian Linux release was a big deal in Linux circles. It still is, but its child, Ubuntu Linux, is the Linux distribution that gets all the headlines. There’s a reason for that. Over the years, Debian has become more and more a Linux just for Linux fanatics while the […]

BoxBackup on Debian/Ubuntu

This article will describe how to set up a BoxBackup server and client on Debian and Ubuntu machines. Much of this article can also be used on other Unix-like systems, however it will not discuss how to compile BoxBackup.

Howto: Setup a DNS server with bind9 on Debian/Ubuntu

After I needed a DNS server DNS server, I decided the best idea would probably be to write this howto myself…. So, here it is:

Debian vs Ubuntu — My Personal Opinion and Experience With Both

Debian on the other hand is one of the pioneers on Linux, and from what I hear, one of the original distros made available. What I like most about Debian is that same “training wheels” feeling I get using Ubuntu. The only difference between the two is that Debian is very very focused on FREE.

How to install Samba Server in Ubuntu or Debian

With the arrival of another computer system at home was necessary to get fast access to a collection of movies and music stored on the server through FTP, however it is not convenient. Hence in order to get fast access, you must configure Samba server in Ubuntu or debian whatever you use, a detailed installation […]

Interview with Raphaël Hertzog: Is Ubuntu beneficial for Debian?

Today I’m presenting you my first interview, today is the turn of Raphaël, a Debian Contributor. I’ve meet Raphaël on his blog. He is interviewing other Debian contributors, and I’m interviewing him, continue reading and know him better.

Debian and Ubuntu – collaboration and issues

This little or perhaps slightly long post would detail the good and bad I have been observing within the Debian community and the influence that Ubuntu has been having, for both good and bad .

How Ubuntu builds up on Debian

I have been asked how Ubuntu relates to Debian, and how packages flow from one to the other. So here’s my attempt at clarifying the whole picture.

Deploying Go web services behind Nginx under Debian or Ubuntu

The server already had an Apache installation serving some simple web sites, so I had to find a way to continue to serve them while serving requests to the new Goto service.

Install LibreOffice on Ubuntu and Debian-based Distros

Want to install the new LibreOffice on Ubuntu or a Debian-based distribution? Although the Document Foundation doesn’t yet offer .deb binaries for these distros, you can use the provided .rpm packages to install LibreOffice on a machine running Ubuntu or Debian

Copying Ubuntu Bug No. 1

Debian, Ubuntu’s parent distribution, has set up Debian Bug No. 1 which also reads “Microsoft has a majority market share”. Mandriva, another competing distribution has set up Mandriva Bug No. 1: “Microsoft has a majority market share and Ubuntu has a majority market share on the Linux desktop”. Fedora, Gentoo, Archlinux, Slackware and other distributions […]

Debian-Ubuntu Community Conference, ITA 2010

During UDS Maverick, in Bruxelles, I met the Debian Project Leader Stefano Zacchiroli. Being both Italians we spoke often during the coffee breaks and we discussed further about his keynote’s topic: improving collaboration between Ubuntu and Debian.

Collection of 18 Popular APT & DPKG Tips for Debian and Ubuntu

This is a guide containing the most popular and useful ways of using the APT and DPKG commands, and it applies to both Ubuntu and Debian (and their derivatives). I mentioned where super user privileges are required, the ones without a mention can be executed as normal user.

Creating a Debian or Ubuntu chroot from Ubuntu 10.04

The reasons for having a Debian or Ubuntu chroot environment available are many. I often use them to test build procedure in a clean environment (like building a binary Ubuntu package from its source package). But whatever are your reason for doing so, they are all good.

Create A Full System Backup Or Custom Live Ubuntu / Debian CD With Remastersys

Remastersys is a tool which can be used to create a custom live Ubuntu / Debian CD. But it’s not like the other such tools we’ve already covered as it can be used to clone your current installation which you can then use to either share it with your friends or create your own Ubuntu […]

First Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference in Italy

The Italian Mini-Debconf and the Ubuntu-it meeting will be held together, in an collaborative community conference called DUCC-IT 2010. It will be held in Perugia on Saturday 18 September, contemporary celebrating the Software Freedom Day 2010.

Membership structures in Debian and Ubuntu

The membership structure plays an important role in the development of a distribution: it defines the kind of contributors that are welcome in the project, it sets expectations of the project towards its contributors and defines their rights.

U^3 (U-Cubed) An Ubuntu / Debian event happening in Manchester on the 28th August 2010

On 28th August, MadLab is hosting U^3 (U-Cubed) – an Ubuntu and Upstream UnWorkshop day in collaboration with HacMan, ManLUG and Manchester Free Software. The day is inspired by the Ubuntu Global Jam event which is being held on the same weekend.

Ubuntu default bookmarks pointing to Debian

Just noticed that the default bookmarks in Ubuntu include one entry pointing back to Debian. It even says that Ubuntu is based on Debian. It’s a small thing but it made my day. It’s nice to see this kind of acknowledgement.

Debian Based Firewalled Router

On this article you’ll discover ways to setup your very own ubuntu router web router. The ubuntu router / gateway will act exactly like every other router you can purchase at the retailer, besides your linux box could have extra performance and further security.

Building a ARM powered Debian VM with QEMU on Ubuntu Lucid

I found that the only ARM installers available were for the Ubuntu Netbook Edition, which does not suit my needs at this point. So I went with Debian Lenny (the current Debian stable release) which has a myriad of ARM installers available.

Setting Up HPHP Build Environment in Ubuntu/Debian

I have patched and debianized libcurl, libevent and several other packages with Facebook’s patches so you no long need to compile them by yourself. These packages were tested in Ubuntu 9.04/9.10/10.04LTS and Debian5.

Debian NFS server – Ubuntu NFS client

NFS is a great way to share and get access to files across a network. The NFS system gives the option to mount a NFS from an external system and a local mount point on your locale system. To get this working, you need to systems – a server and a client.

Debian vs. Ubuntu: Contrasting Philosophies

So what are the differences between these Siamese twins? Looking at installation, the desktop, package management, and community in the two distributions what emerges is not so much major differences as differences of emphasis, and ultimately, of philosophy.

Debian + Backports is Better than the Latest Ubuntu

I don’t buy to the view that Debian Stable is outdated. If you are running a server this much older packages and slow updates are a blessing. Moreover, you can catchup to the latest and greatest packages even on desktop.

Debian-Ubuntu relationship: poll summary

So, I’m now back and with some feedback to share. I’ll first post (in this mail) a summary of the replies I got to this “poll” and later on a more general summary of what I did at UDS.

How To Compile rTorrent From SVN In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx / Debian 5 Lenny With Coloured Interface

rTorrent is a popular command line based bittorrent client. It provides very powerful features yet it is very light on the system – contrary to other bittorrent clients like Vuze.

Processing 10000 Pictures Using Many Computers With Oropo (Debian/Ubuntu)

Have you ever had a lot of data to process ? In such a moment after a while of processing we realize that it will take ages to complete. It would be faster if we could use two or three or even more computers. Let’s use some computers – you think it is a lot […]

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