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Debian / Ubuntu Linux: Install and Configure snmpd Service

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol used for network management. How do I install SNMP server under Debian or Ubuntu Linux to configure various monitoring service?

2 Click Update For Ubuntu / Debian Based Systems [Bash Script]

2clickUpdate is a bash script which automates the update process on Ubuntu / Debian systems. The script doesn’t just simply install the updates, but also cleans the downloaded packages (also removes orphaned packages) and so on.

Thoughts on Ubuntu and Debian

I just came across a very interesting piece written by Keith Cary Curtis, titled Should Ubuntu Have Been Created. He makes some very interesting and valid points to support his contention that Mark Shuttleworth should have put his money into supporting and expanding the established Debian development effort, rather than creating an independent fork of […]

New releases of Ubuntu and Debian Images for Amazon EC2 (20100319)

I have released updates of the following legacy Ubuntu and Debian S3-based AMIs published in the “alestic” buckets: Ubuntu: 8.04 Hardy, 8.10 Intrepid, 9.04 Jaunty. Debian: 4.0 Etch, 5.0 Lenny

How to create a Debian/Ubuntu package (.deb) manually

This blog post gives some hints how to create a .deb package file (to be used with Debian, Ubuntu and similar Linux distributions). The intended audience is programmers and system administrators, both with a strong Debian or Ubuntu Linux background and strong scripting skills.

A Better Tomcat for Ubuntu and Debian

I have recently spent some time improving the Tomcat package on the Ubuntu and Debian Linux distributions. This post goes into more detail on those changes.

How to Play swf file on Ubuntu / Debian

swfdec-gnome is a very good Tool to play SWF files (Macromedia Flash) on GNOME. This package contains programs to integrate Flash functionality into the GNOME desktop.

Installing PHP 5.3, Nginx And PHP-fpm On Ubuntu/Debian

In this tutorial I will show you how to install it on your Ubuntu server. This tutorial also applies to Debian, though. There is only a very small difference.

Installing Debian Lenny on virtualized ARM arch (with QEMU) on Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Yesterday I played with QEMU in order to run a Debian Lenny distro on a virtualized ARM arch. The Debian installation was easy thanks to this post of Chris Dew. I just wanted to point out what I did to get the virtual machine running after installing the distro.

Use cdebootstrap to install Debian/Ubuntu Linux

Using the official CD from Debian or Ubuntu to install a fresh new system can be tedious if you just want a minimal or customized system. An alternative way to install Debian or Ubuntu is to use cdebootstrap.

Installing Python 3 on Ubuntu (and Debian) Linux

Since I’m really behind the notion of people moving to Python 3 (not only did I write a book about it, Python 3 is a better language), let me recap your options for installing Python 3 on Ubuntu systems. The same approach will work for Debian boxes.

5 Simple APT Tips for Debian and Ubuntu

Several months ago I created an article with 5 APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) tips for both Debian and Ubuntu available here. APT is the package manager in Debian and Debian-based distributions, like Ubuntu. Here’s part two of that article, with 5 more tips and tricks for APT.

Back from Debian: Meeting up with old Ubuntu.

What is weird is that, I can’t decide whether I want to use Debian or Ubuntu.

Keryx: Portable, Cross-Platform Offline Package Manager For Ubuntu / Debian

Keryx is a portable, open source and cross-platform package manager for APT-based (Ubuntu, Debian) systems. It provides a graphical interface for gathering updates, packages, and dependencies for offline computers. It is similar to “Sushi, huh?”, but easier to use and with a nice GUI.

Cleaning Lady Attack Possible on Debian and Ubuntu Desktop

We have recently discovered that possibly all screensavers with lock capabilities are prone to a cleaning lady attack. By issuing Alt+SysRq+f you (or a malicious cleaning lady) can make the OOM killer kill your screensaver process

Install .rpm Files in Debian and Ubuntu

Some time you might find some applications are having only .rpm files but you want a .deb package for your debian,Ubuntu and other debian derived ditributions.

The Five Distros That Changed Linux

Linux’s history can be measured in both releases 2.0, 2.6, and so on, and in its major distributions, which brought these releases to the masses at large. Here’s my list of the top five major Linux distributions that had the most impact in the operating system’s brief history

“Sushi Huh?” – Easily Download Packages For Offline Installation In Debian, Ubuntu and others

Many will love it since it comes with a – I almost wanted to say GUI – an web-based interface which runs on your machine, and it can download the dependencies for the packages you want to install, for the following Linux distributions: Mandriva, openSUSE, Fedora (and obviously, Ubuntu and Debian).

Howto switch from Ubuntu to Debian – My Experience – Part I

After long time I’m posting this. In this time, I got a fantastic experience of switching myself from ubuntu to debian. Reasons? may be silly but here they are…

How to Print Large Posters in Ubuntu / Debian Linux

PosteRazor cuts a raster image into pieces which can afterwards be printed out and assembled to a poster. As input, the PosteRazor takes a raster image. The resulting poster is saved as a multipage PDF document. An easy to use, wizard like user interface guides through 5 steps.

SFTP on Ubuntu and Debian in 9 easy steps

In this post, I’ll show you how to set up secure ftp (SFTP) access to your Ubuntu server. (Instructions for Debian are very similar: leave out the sudo part and follow these steps as root:)

Difference Between Ubuntu and Debian

Debian is one of the earliest distributions that has existed for almost two decades and spawned a lot of other distributions. One of the distributions that spawned from Debian was Ubuntu

Building Debian (and Ubuntu) Meta Packages

Over the last few weeks I have been building a bunch of Debian packages (aka debs) for a new Ubuntu server roll out. Most of the packages are either updates to existing packages or meta packages. Building meta packages is pretty easy, once you know how.

Patch KernelCheck To Make It Work Again [Ubuntu/Debian]

KernelCheck is a a program that automatically compiles and installs the latest Kernel for Debian based Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.). Unfortunately, KernelCheck hasn’t been working for a few months do to some changes made on website.

Eeebuntu 4.0 to drop Ubuntu for Debian

The team has decided to move away from Ubuntu in its next release. Instead, Eeebuntu 4.0 will be based on Debian Unstable.

Howto record desktop activities in Ubuntu / Debian with Recordmydesktop

If want to make a simple video tutorial, you can easily do it with a simple utility RecordMyDesktop. This will record all the screen activities with sound. You can control quality of video and audio.

Command-Line Copy&Paste With xclip (Debian/Ubuntu)

xclip is a command line interface to the X11 clipboard. It allows you to put the output of a command directly into the clipboard so that you don’t have to copy&paste from the terminal manually

Instructions for Installing RPM Files Using Alien: Ubuntu, Debian

If you can get your hands on the rpm file and you cannot find a .deb debian package in any of the Ubuntu repositories or elsewhere, you can still install this pacage using the alien package converter application. This article is going to show just how to do this.

Networker 7.5.1 client on Debian GNU Linux 5.0 / Ubuntu 9.04

Networker client for Linux only comes “rpm packaged”. In order to install Networker Client on Debian or Ubuntu linux servers, do the following

How to Run DOS Applications and Games in Ubuntu / Debian Linux

The Fundamental Operating System DOS is still alive. For basic study purpose, DOS is Used in most of the Universities. Now Also people like DOS games.

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