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Writing a Debian ISO CD to a USB Stick

I’m finding myself burning a lot of Debian CD’s lately and I figured it’s time I left the 90’s and burnt these images to USB instead. Debian CD and DVD images can be written directly a USB stick

ZTE MF190 Under Debian With KDE SC 4.7

I’ve recently acquired an UMTS USB stick, a ZTE MF190 (USB ID 19d2:0117/19d2:2000, after and before mode switch, the second ID can be seen while the stick offers its data partition for Windows driver installation). Naturally I wanted to use the stick with Debian.

Automatic installation of Debian Squeeze from a USB flash drive

In this post you are going to learn how to build a USB Flash Drive that contains a fully automated Debian installation system. At Wallix this installation system is used in addition to our traditional PXE/preseed system to deploy our products Wallix LogBox and Wallix AdminBastion.

Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) work out of the box with USB sticks

Gone are those days when we want to boot a downloaded ISO image from an USB stick, we need to perform lot of black box operation in order to put/align things in the USB stick so that it could be made bootable.

Mustek PoweMust 1000 USB on Debian Squeeze

Some (long) time ago, I wrote an article how to setup a Mustek PowerMust 1000 USB on Debian Sarge. Since then Etch, Lenny and now Squeeze were released and the machine the UPS was attached to was replaced.

USB 3.0 ExpressCard Adapter on Debian Squeeze

My Lenovo T410s has a rather small 80 GB SSD, and with the amount of data that I need to deal with these days, something like mounting network drive isn’t fast enough for me. So I decided to try USB 3.0, since I have an open ExpressCard slot.

Howto bake Persistent Live USB – Debian Way (live-build)

After spending much time with Meego without any success, I thought of creating my rescue USB by downloading puppy. But decided to give ‘live-build’ a try.

How to create a bootable USB pendrive Debian netinstall

This short guide shows you how to create a bootable USB pendrive Debian netinstall

Install Debian Linux from USB boot memory stick

There are more and more Laptops nowadays which do not have a CD/DVD-ROM facility build in but are able to boot from USB memory stick. This small guide provides all needs on how to create a bootable USB memory stick to install a Debian without a need for CD/DVD drive.

Installing Debian via USB

Last night, I wanted to see if I could get Debian Squeeze loaded on my HP Mini 110, so I set out to accomplish the task, and accomplish it I did. As with most netboks, this HP doesn’t ship with a CDROM

How-to build an independant Debian USB-stick (ip).

I’ll just start (again) to write down the steps, how I tried to build an independant bootable USB-stick with Debian for all platforms from i486 to amd64 (slow but true) – so this is a real work in progress that starts NOW and only the positives will be posted – so don’t worry.

Install Knoppix 6 to a USB Flash Drive in Windows

How to Install Knoppix 6.2 to a USB Flash Drive using Windows and the USB Installer for Knoppix 6.

Debian netboot/net install from a USB Drive

I was all ready to pop in my Debian GNU/Linux DVD when I noticed it was missing a CD/DVD drive! I quickly searched for some options and chose to try the network install using a local area network TFTP server

Debian Live Flash Drive Install from Windows

In the following tutorial, we cover the process of installing Debian Live to a USB Flash Drive from Windows.

Mepis on pendrive: some improvement, some dead-ends

Once again I spent the day using Mepis 8 on the 4GB pendrive on my EeePC 901. Quite honestly, it lacks very little for normal day-2-day use although it might just be very marginally slower.

Mepis 8.0 on pendrive bites the dust

I already posted about booting to Mepis 8 on my EeePC 901 from a 4 GB pendrive and it worked very well if maybe just a little slower than if it had been on one of the internal SSDs.

Mepis 8 working well from USB key on EeePC 901

In the end, it really wasn’t that difficult to get Mepis 8.0 installed on a 4 GB Kingston pendrive and booting with ease from the Ubuntu Grub on the mbr.

Installing Debian Lenny from a USB stick with Windows.

I recently purchased an Acer Aspire REVO for the purposes of a Development server that I can keep running 24/7 without the fear of racking up electricity bills. The trouble is, it has no cd-rom, so I set about looking to install from a USB disk.

Install Debian Linux from USB drives

Welcome to the part 7 of “Installing Linux on USB” series. In this part we will learn how to create a USB flash drive which can be used as an installation media to install Debian Linux.

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