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GNOME 3 transition happening in Debian unstable

The Debian GNOME team started uploading a mix of GNOME 3.0 and 3.2 packages to Debian unstable because the release team is ready to take care of this transition. This means that as soon as the packages are ready in Debian unstable, the release team will ensure that they also reach wheezy (aka the current […]

How To Create A Debian Wheezy (Testing) OpenVZ Template

This tutorial explains how to create an OpenVZ template for Debian Wheezy (Debian Testing) that you can use to create virtual Debian Wheezy machines under OpenVZ. I searched for a Debian Wheezy OpenVZ template, but couldn’t find one, that’s why I decided to create it myself. This guide can also be used for creating Debian […]

on frugal technology, simple living, guerrilla plumbing Hey, world — this is my website No databases were harmed in the making of this blog You’re seeing this blog, powered by Ode, through the magic of the Perl programming language and the Common Gateway Interface. Ode does not use a database to store content. Instead, every entry exists on the web server as a “flat” text file. Update: Comments are now live. I’m using Disqus, integrated through the work of Ode project leader Rob Reed. E-mail: steven (at) stevenrosenberg dot org. home > linux > debian Posts Tue, 09 Aug 2011 Debian looking at a June 2012 freeze for Debian Wheezy

Buried in the late-June “Bits from the Release Team” minutes is the news that the Debian Project will aim for a time-based freeze for the next stable release, Wheezy. At the moment that date is June 2012:

Release Update: Goals, Arches, Rolling, Removals

In this update: * Release Goals * Arch (re)qualification * 0-day NMU policy <0DNMU> * CUT/Rolling * Improving experimental * Package removal process * What’s due in the next update!

Installing sec-wall on Debian wheezy/sid

The unstoppable Miguel Landaeta did it again and I’m happy to let you all know that sec-wall, the security proxy, can be now installed on Debian wheezy/sid using nothing but DEBs, like below

Debian Wheezy Moving To Linux 3.0

With Linux 3.0 on its way, the Debian developers have decided to move the Debian Wheezy development from Linux 2.6 to Linux 3.0.

Bits from the Release Team – Kicking off Wheezy

As you will have noticed, we have recently had a point release of Squeeze. This means that it’s well and truly the time to start on the next release: Wheezy!

Installing Dancer, a perl web framework, on Debian Wheezy

This post is going to describe what I did to get Dancer up and running on Debian Wheezy. Dancer is a web development framework and as such aims to help you develop web applications more quickly.

squeeezy – wheezy ready for development

As you may already know, Squeeze has now become the domain of the Stable Release Managers; in other words, we’ve released! This was the first Debian release which was accompanied by a live commentary on[IC].

Release Update: deep freeze, remaining bugs, schedule, themes and Wheezy

Hello! Another month has passed since our last email, and we’re just missing you all so much, so we thought we’d write and let you know what we’re up to.

Debian 7.0 named

As the Debian developers work on completing development of the free software Debian GNU/Linux 6.0, known as “Squeeze”, they have also been selecting the name for the next version, 7.0. In a recent release update posting, it was announced that Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 will be named “Wheezy”.

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